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Poster Town

Author: Erich BrechbühlKlaus FromherzMartin GeelMichael KryenbühlSimon RüeggRaphael SchoenIvan WeissMegi Zumstein (eds.)
Title: Poster Town. Contemporary Poster Design from Lucerne
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Graphic Design, Exhibition Catalogue

Lucerne—Switzerland’s poster town—has a vibrant graphic design scene, which in recent years has become known for its sophisticated posters well beyond the country’s borders. Professional colleagues are in awe of how a relatively small city can produce so many well-designed posters. Lucerne posters can be found in many exhibitions. To give one example: in 2015 alone, twenty-six of the hundred best posters from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland came from Lucerne and the surrounding area—in other words, more than a quarter of all the awardwinning works. What’s behind this? Is it coincidence or a preponderance of designers of above-average talent in a comparatively small area? The book Poster Town tracks this phenomenon with a wealth of images and texts and creates a record of Lucerne’s poster designs for posterity. 


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EP Vol. 2. Design Fiction

Author: Alex Coles (ed.)
Title: EP Vol. 2. Design Fiction
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Graphic Design, Essays & Non-fiction

After the first EP volume on the activities of the early Italian avant-garde, the second volume in the series identifies the current fascination with fiction across art, design, and architecture. Practitioners and theorists explore this strategy by pushing the debate into both speculative and real-fictitious terrains. Newly commissioned interviews, artist projects, and essays shed light on topics such as parafiction and algorithmic ambiguity. Included in the volume is one of the final interviews to be published with novelist and semiotician Umberto Eco; a conversation with Bruce Sterling, in which the science-fiction author responds to designers who reference his writings; and design theorist Vilem Flusser’s 1966 essay 'On Fiction,' in its first English translation.    

Contributions by Paola Antonelli, The Atlas Group (1989–2004), Alex Coles, Anthony Dunne, James Dyer, Umberto Eco, Experimental Jetset, Vilem Flusser, Verina Gfader, Huib Haye van der Werf, Will Holder, Sophie Krier, Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Lucas Maassen, Valle Medina, Philippe Morel, Rick Poynor, Fiona Raby, Benjamin Reynolds, Hiroko Shiratori, Bruce Sterling

22.00 EUR

Graphic #37

Author: -
Title:  Graphic #37: Introduction to Computation
Subject: Periodicals & Reprints

How might computational approaches inform contemporary graphic design practices? That is the question posed by this instalment of Graphic, which seeks to delineate the quintessential nature of using computation, not only as a means to govern automatic and algorithmic production of objects, but also as a logical thinking process for design. Various designers and writers were invited to explore tangible experiences of using computation and to discuss the validity and possibilities of these approaches, both today and in the future. Includes an interview with Rob Giampietro, plus contributions from Hansje van Halem, Adrian Shaughnessy, MuirMcNeil, Jürg Lehni, and many others.

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