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A Tale of Three Little Birds

Author: Bruno Munari
Title: A Tale of Three Little Birds
Publisher: Corraini Edizioni
Subject: Artists' Books, Kids

How happened that Chi, Chia and Chio ended up in a cage? Munari tells a story that will make us desire to open all those cages and make these little birds free again. A tale of three little birds is one of the eight books of the historic 1945 series. Munari devised these lively albums for children using large pictures, pages and inserts of different sizes and varying holes to arouse the curiosity of the observer and let him litteraly hang at each page. 

20.00 EUR

Romilda the Frog

Author: Bruno Munari
Title: Romilda the Frog
Publisher: Corraini Edizioni
Subject: Artists' Books, Kids

Previously unpublished work of 1958. It tells the story of a frog that jumping from one topic to another undergoes a series of curious and entertaining adventures.

Hop hop !

18.00 EUR

Animal Books For/ Dierenboeken Voor Jaap Zeno Anna Julian Luca

Author: Lous Martens
Title: Animal Books For / Dierenboeken Voor Jaap Zeno Anna Julian Luca
Publisher: Roma Publications
Subject: Artists' Books, Kids

LOUS MARTENS: 'Seventeen years ago our grandson Jaap was born. That was the start of an animal book for Jaap. I used a dummy for the OASE journal of architecture and loosely pasted in pictures of animals that I had clipped from newspapers and magazines about art, literature and science. Plus stamps and photos from advertising brochures. Then Zeno was born and the same thing happened: an animal book for Zeno. Now I was working on two books at once. Then came Anna. Julian. Luca. At this point, there were five books-in-the-making on the table. And none of those five are finished yet. The children, as well as myself, enjoy seeing the small, ever-evolving changes. The additions. These books were never intended for the outside world where I had found all the pictures. Never intended to be published. Now they lie here, grouped into one big book, because others have convinced me it’s what they deserve.' - Roma Publications

34.00 EUR