SIX CHAIRS BOOKS – art & theory bookstore

 - restarting a bookstore is kind of a sport-

SIX CHAIRS BOOKS is an independent bookstore currently based in Kaunas Artist House, Kaunas, Lithuania. Originally founded in 2012 as part of 'Rupert' educational program by Justina Zubaitė and Mindaugas Bundza between two pine-trees in VDU faculty of arts. After some sweet summer wanders through Vilnius (our gratitude to Autarkia) and around, bookstore gradually  re-opened its spaces in KAH in September 2017. 

SCB is co-run by Justina Zubaitė and Viltė Girdzijauskaitė, with Gailė Pranckūnaitė as graphic designer of the project . The bookstore focuses on interdisciplinary relations bewen arts, sciences and publishing practices, engaging with it through community practices, such as  series of eco-poetical film screenings and discussions 'Moon Clown Moon Animals' (2017) and Bookstore's Reading Group 'Clap When You Want To !'. The ORG is currently held every other Thursday from 6-8 pm. 

Inspired by the saying 'If you can't read a body, you'll never finish a book' from 'The Great Outdoors' (graphic novel by Monika Janulevičiūtė and Monika Kalinauskaitė), we believe that learning sensitivity of reading bodies could lead us to reading more or, rather, finding substantially new ways of reading books. This ORG concerns itself both with the critical feminist practices and its legacies, the cosmical and the comical, & material interdependence and suffering from ills of another species, engaging with hybrid thinkers working along the lines of cultural theory, biology, feminist sciences and technology.

Selection at the bookstore varies from artists' books and writings, exhibition catalogue, periodicals to contemporary theory and philosophy from dear friends and independent publishers in Europe and US. Currently the bookstore's shelves host titles from the following publishers: b_books, Badlands Unlimited, Bookworks, fivehundred places, Jonas ir Jokūbas, Koenig Books, New Herring Press, PageFive, Paraguay Press, Primary Information, Roma Publications, Semiotext(e), Spector Books, Sternberg Press, The MIT Press, TLTRPress, uh Books, Urbanomic. 

The bookstore is OPEN Wednesday-Friday 4pm-7:30pm or by appointment !