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Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978-1983

Authors: Ron Magliozzi, Sophie Cavoulacos  (eds.)
Title: Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978-1983
Publisher: MoMA
Subject: Art History, Exhibition Catalogue

New York’s East Village was alive with artistic activity in the 1970s and ’80s, fueled by low rents, resistance to the Reagan presidency, and the desire to experiment with new modes of art, performance, fashion, music, and exhibition. Club 57, located in the basement of a Polish church at 57 St. Marks Place, began as a no-budget venue for music and film exhibitions and quickly became a center of the neighborhood’s constellation of countercultural venues, with artists such as Keith Haring, Ann Magnuson, Klaus Nomi, Tseng Kwong Chi, John Sex, Fab 5 Freddy, John 'Lypsinka' Eppperson, and Lisa Baumgardner.   

Fabled but not widely known until now, Club 57 is said to have influenced virtually every club that came in its wake. Published to accompany the first major exhibition to examine this scene-changing alternative space in full, Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978–1983 features rarely seen artwork, film stills, photographs, posters, flyers, and zines to create a uniquely detailed portrait of unbridled creativity before the dawn of the digital age. [publisher's note]

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Creativity Exercises. Emancipatory Pedagogies in Art and Beyond

Authors: Dora Hegyi, Zsuzsa Laszlo, Franciska Zolyom  (eds.)
Title: Creativity Exercises. Emancipatory Pedagogies in Art and Beyond
Publishers: Sternberg Press, co-published with GfZK — Museum of  Contemporary Art Leipzig and, Budapest
Subject: Art History, Exhibition Catalogue, Essays & Non-fiction

The book contextualizes the Creativity Exercises—an amateur art course led by neo-avant-garde artists Miklos Erdely and Dora Maurer in Budapest from 1975 to 1977—within the postwar intellectual networks that connected artists, architects, educators, sociologists and other socially engaged professionals, fostering the exchange of ideas and concepts and making connections between different fields of knowledge. The first part of the publication consists of historical texts translated into English for the first time, including the exercise descriptions that functioned as the curriculum for the Creativity Exercises, studies written on the methods employed in the Creativity Exercises course, and parallel models for progressive pedagogies and art education. In the second part of the book, newly commissioned essays offer historical and transnational context for the 'case study' of the Creativity Exercises course. The impact that such 'creativity exercises' had on aesthetic, educational and institutional concepts, and the impulses for participation, co-creation, knowledge production and exchange that they continue to give—even beyond the realm of art—are the central themes of the book.

Laszlo Beke, Ildiko Enyedi, Miklos Erdely, Dora Maurer, Ferenc Merei and Tamas St. Auby, Eva Forgacs, Janna Graham, Dora Hegyi, Sandor Hornyik, Zsolt K. Horvath, Emese Kurti, Zsuzsa Laszlo, Marion von Osten, Axel Wieder

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I Confess

Author: Moyra Davey
Title: I Confess
Publisher: Dancing Foxes Press, National Gallery of Canada
Subject: Artists' Writings, Artists' Books, Exhibition Catalogue

Over the last forty years, Moyra Davey’s work in photography, film, and text presents a wide-ranging model of engagement with the world: reflections on producing and consuming, on writing and reading, and on novelty and obsolescence. Based on Davey’s eponymous 2019 film of the same title, i confess triangulates the lives and work of three writers: the American novelist and essayist James Baldwin, the Quebecois revolutionary Pierre Vallieres, and Ottawa-based political philosopher Dalie Giroux. With Baldwin’s 1962 novel Another Country as its point of departure, the narrative arrives at the work of each figure in succession, threading themes of race and poverty, language, and nationalism into Davey’s personal chronicle of the 1960s and 1970s  a turbulent period of Quebecois history marked by separatism and violence, unresolved to this day.

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The Medea Insurrection: Radical Women Artists Behind the Iron Curtain

Authors: Susanne Altmann, Agata Jakubowska, Katalin Krasznahorkai, Emese Kurti, Katarina Lozo, Ramona Novicov (eds.)
Title: The Media Insurrection: Radical Women Artists Behind the Iron Curtain
Publisher: Walther Koenig, co-publsihed with SKD
Subject: Cultural History, Art History, Exhibition Catalogue

The Medea Insurrection attempts a first East-Eastern contextualisation of non-conformist, female art production in the DDR and creates an international overview of 36 female artists including, Cornelia Schleime, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Geta Bratescu, and Alina Szapocznikow.

The view to the East teaches us how non-conformist art established freedom under similar conditions and came to specific, also specifically female, forms of expression.In the years before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, East European writers and painters often turned to ancient mythology when they wanted to express their discontent with Communist rule.Their interpretations of mythological figures like Medea, Cassandra, or Penthesilea were crucial in shaping contemporary images for women, and sometimes they were straight-up punk.

Working under the radar of the accepted art establishment, the women artists in this exhibition provoked, protested, played with fire, and experimented while refusing socialist and bourgeois stereotypes. [publsiher's note]

*billingual (English, German)

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Authors: Nick Mauss; Karen Kelly, Barbara Schroeder (eds.) 
Title: Nick Mauss: Transmissions
Publisher: Dancing Foxes Press, co-published with Whitney Museum of American Art
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Monographs

Over the past decade, Nick Mauss (b. 1980) has pursued a hybrid mode of working that melds the roles of curator, artist, and scholar. This catalogue leans heavily into the scholarship side of his practice, building on his 2018 Whitney Museum exhibition with a closer look at the relationship between modernist ballet and the New York avant-garde. In the 1930s through 1950s, ballet was introduced to a popular audience in New York and was simultaneously influenced by developments in Europe in painting, photography, fashion, music, and poetry. Mauss reflects on this period of rich cross-media production and synergy, ultimately arguing for the inseparability of dance and art history. Reproductions of texts and artworks—by Paul Cadmus, George Platt Lynes, Dorothea Tanning, Carl Van Vechten, and others—are included along with historical images and installation photography of Mauss’s Whitney exhibition. Three other distinguished authors contribute essays on the subjects of ballet and the body, Mauss’s work as an artist and curator, and performance within museum spaces.

Texts by Nick Mauss, Joshua Lubin-Levy, Scott Rothkopf, Elisabeth Sussman, and Allie Tepper

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A Hard White Body

Authors: Candice Lin; Lotte Arndt, Yesomi Umolu (eds.)
Title: A Hard White Body
Publisher: Reva and David Logan Center for Arts; Chicago UP
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Artists' Books

A Hard White Body weaves together material and nonhuman histories alongside the life and work of three historical figures: American writer James Baldwin (1924–1987); French explorer and global traveler Jeanne Baret (1740–1807); and artist and naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717). Lin uses porcelain, a material whose history includes nineteenth-century imperial and scientific uses, to highlight fantasies surrounding whiteness and purity, only to subject her porcelain assemblages to pungent organic materials. She thus stages processes of contamination between organic and inorganic materials, creating an unstable sculptural ecosystem. In addition to an essay by curator Lotte Arndt that discusses the various iterations of Lin’s project, the publication features an essay by Rizvana Bradley; a conversation between Jih-Fei Cheng and Mel Y. Chen; and a conversation between the artist and C. Riley Snorton. These texts are accompanied by a visual essay by the artist and a selection of exhibition views.

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Sub Rosa

Author: Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques
Title: Sub Rosa
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Photography, Exhibition Catalogue

The Arco de la Victoria in the northwestern part of Madrid: Young people talk, laugh, smoke and skate, flirt, chat, and surf on their smartphones. They wear baseball caps, hoodies, T-shirts, sneakers, and socks by Adidas, Puma, and Nike. In his most recent video and sound installation Sub Rosa (2017–2019) Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques portrays adolescence as a phase not only of superficiality and narcissism but also of inner turmoil and loneliness. At the same time, he unmasks this image as a commercial tool used by the world’s biggest fashion empires to market their products. Sub Rosa is an installation distributed across a number of film tracks and combined with self-generative soundscapes. It won the C/O Berlin Talent Award in 2019. The book is published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at C/O Berlin with texts by this year’s prizewinning author, Mira Anneli Naß. 

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All Men Become Sisters

Author: Joanna Sokolowska
Title: All Men Become Sisters 
Publisher: Sternberg Press; Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz
Subject: Art History, Exhibition Catalogue

This book is both a record and a theoretical expansion of the exhibition 'All Men Become Sisters' at the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. Dedicated to the manifestation of sisterhood in art from the 1970s until today, the exhibition and the publication focus on art that resonated with feminist perspectives on work, production, and reproduction. 'Sisterhood' is a key concept and an impulse to work with imagination; built on the foundations of second-wave criticism of the patriarchal exploitation of women, it poses questions about the future from the perspective of feminist economics and ethics of care.

Contributions by Ines Doujak & John Barker, Joanna Bednarek, Raqs Media Collective, Joanna Sokolowska, Marina Vishmidt, Siona Wilson, Zofia Lapniewska

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The New Model. An Inquiry

Authors: Lars Bang Larsen, Maria Lind (eds.)
Title: The New Model. An Inquiry
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Art History, Exhibition Catalogue, Architecture

For three weeks in October 1968, Stockholm’s Moderna Museet was transformed into a sprawling adventure playground that was free to access for children: Gunilla Lundahl and Palle Nielsen’s The Model: A Model for a Qualitative Society concatenated art, research, and urban activism into a visionary hybrid framework.

Half a century later, through a series of seminars, exhibitions, and new artworks, The New Model revisited this utopian intervention, reviving discussions of public participation, children’s agency, and shifting ideals of collective being. Curated by Lars Bang Larsen and Maria Lind, this inquiry took place from 2011 to 2015 at and around Tensta konsthall in one of Stockholm’s late modernist suburbs. Through essays, exhibition documentation, and dialogues with the participating artists—among them Magnus Bärtås, Hito Steyerl, Ane Hjort Guttu, and Dave Hullfish Bailey—this volume charts the evolution of two artistic, curatorial, and institutional experiments.

Contributions by Dave Hullfish Bailey, Magnus Bartas, Jessica Gogan, Ane Hjort Guttu, Lars Bang Larsen, Maria Lind, Gunilla Lundahl, Palle Nielsen, Hito Steyerl


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Architecture Itself and Other Postmodernization Effects

Author: Sylvia Lavin
Title: Architecture Itself and Other Postmodernization Effects
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Architecture, Exhibition Catalogue

Postmodern architecture was characterized by four dominant beliefs: that architecture was distinct from the materiality of things; that history had an operative role to play in the present; that the emergence of a culture dominated by images enabled architects to equate drawing with authorship; and that architecture could secure its status among the arts by staking a claim to the exhibition space. While each strand of this belief system had deep historical roots, the expanding reach of American corporations played a crucial role in transforming these ideas into what was then termed the first global style. Architecture Itself and Other Postmodernist Myths features a series of fragments salvaged from canonic buildings of the late twentieth century together with archival materials from the CCA and other museum collections.

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Authors: Pakui Hardware; Alfred Weidinger, Jeannette Stoschek (eds.)
Title: Underbelly
Publisher: MdbK Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue

The book was published on the occasion of the solo exhibition Underbelly by a Lithuanian artist duo Pakui Hardware (Neringa Černiauskaitė and Ugnius Gelguda) at MdbK Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig. It encompasses an extensive theoretical text by a scholar Dr. Btihaj Ajana on quantified subjectivities and contemporary biopolitics, art critic's Ingrid Luquet-Gad's essay inserting the practice of Pakui Hardware into a wider philosophical and art historical network, as well as short text by curator Thomas Thiel and an interview with the artists by curator Inga Lace. The publication presents Underbelly installation and selected works by Pakui Hardware of the years 2018-2020.

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Earthrise. Ecological Visions on Both Sides of the Wall

Author: Marco Scotini (ed.)
Title: Earthrise. Ecological Visions on Both Sides of the Wall
Publisher: Archive Books
Subject: Theory & Philosophy, Essays & Non-fiction, Exhibition Catalogue

*billingual (Italian / English)

There is no question that ecological ideas have acquired a central role in contemporary episteme. In contrast, the heuristic function that these ideas can assume in the current polarisation is questionable: that which, over the last decade, has identified the environmental crisis with the (categorical and totalitarian) concept of the Anthropocene. Ecological discourse positioned itself inside historically situated trajectories that contributed to the transformation of aesthetical paradigms and political practices.
In the scenario that 1968 opened up, the transversal nature of subjectivity allowed it to cover different fields, beginning with the tension between the logic of a unitary discourse and the creation of a multiplicity of possible worlds, between the molar and the molecular, the micro and the macro. Ecological thought, as such, cannot help but conflict with that which is assumed to be homogeneous and constant, with that which forces the earth to be centred, measured, and expropriated, just as life must be biogenetically controlled, colonised, and subjected to patriarchy.

w/ contributions by 9999, Gianfranco Baruchello, Enrico Bonanate, Oriett Brombin, Valeri Ceregini, Antonio D'Avossa, Maja Fowkes, Piero Gilardi, Caterina Iaquinta, Petra K. Kelly, Henry  Martin, Marco Ornella, Daniela  Palazzoli, Marko Pogačnik, Marco Scotini, Ettore Sottsass, Elvira Vannini.

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Laukinės sielos. Baltijos šalių simbolizmo dailė

Author: Algė Andriulytė, Eglė Mikalajūnė (eds.)
Title: Laukinės sielos. Baltijos šalių simbolizmo dailė / Wild Souls. Symbolism in the Art of the Baltic States
Publisher: Lithuanian National Museum of Art / Lietuvos nacionalinis dailės mujziejus
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Art History

Published on the occassion of the exhibition Wild Souls. Symbolism in the Art of the Baltic States at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, this catalogue presents a broad selection of symbolist paintings, sculptures and drawings and illustrations from the late 19th through early 20th c. by the artists from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Amongst them –  works by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, Ferdinandas Ruščicas, Petras Kalpokas, Antanas Vivulskis, Petras Rimša, Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, Janis Rozentals, Vilhelms Purvitis, Johann Walter, Peteris Krastinš, Emilija Gruzite, Kristjan Raud, Konrad Magi, Nikolai Triik, Oskar Kallis and Peet Aren. 

With texts by Rodolpje Rapetti, Algė Anfriulytė, Daiva Beliūnienė, Marita Berzine, Aija Braslina, Ieva Burbaitė, Gundega Cebere, Eero Epner, Danutė Gruzdienė, Linda Kaljundi, Jaak Kangliaski, Lola Annabel Kass, Dace Lamberga, Laima Laučkaitė, Mai Levin, Gunta Madlinska, Aistė Praškevičiūtė, Bart Pushaw, Liis Pahlapuu, Julija Račiūnaitė, Jurgita Rimkutė-Vainiuvienė, Genovaitė Vertelkaitė-Bartulienė. With a newly commissioned text 'Different Lithuanians in Vilnius in Confrontation with History' by OSVALDAS DAUGELIS.

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Garden of Memory

Authors: Etel Adnan, Bon Willson, Simone Fattal; Mouna Mekouar (ed.)
Title: Garden of Memory
Publisher: Walther Koenig
Subject: Exhibion Catalogue, Artists' Writings

Etel Adnan, Simone Fattal and Robert Wilson create a universe where poetry, sound and sculpture overlap, as well as a framework that enables them to construct situations in which memories are transformed into objects, objects into memories, fiction into reality, and reality into fiction. It is based on a succession of these shared memories and experiences, manifested in the form of a mental landscape, a non-linear narrative and a choreography filled with both immutable and variable elements. The thrust behind it all is the reading of a poem by Etel Adnan, Surge

The book, published in conjunction with an exhibition at Musee Yves Saint-Laurent in Marrakech, Morocco, include poems and an essay by Etel Adnan, as well as a conversation between Etel Adnan, Simone Fattal, and Mouna Mekouar.  

*Billingual (EN/FR)

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eeK 2014-2018

Authors: Robertas Narkus, Nerijus Rimkus (eds.)
Title: eeK 2014-2018. Eksperimentinės inžinerijos stovykla eeKūlgrinda
Publisher: Six Chairs Books 
Subject: Artists' Books

Within the management of circumstances career that the artist Robertas Narkus has created for himself, the role of Eek - a yearly two week break with a daily fluctuating number of artists - has received little attention yet it has played an important role. In fact Kartena, an archetypical Lithuanian village just a few-hours drive from Vilnius, located on the banks of the river Minija, surrounded by hills and lush forests areas, with its one-main-square, one-restaurant, one-shop, one-bus-stop, one-candle-factory and one-cemetary-at-the-edge-of-town was the perfect set to see Narkus’ hazy practice in its clearest form. 

For five consecutive years Eek functioned as a focus point for good food, good drinks, lots of smoking, telling stories, jokes and experiment. Aside from a super fast internet connection, not much more was provided to guests and the bare staging of the surroundings served as a reminder of the artificiality of this group of people being there. The attendees of Eek weren’t asked to create or show any work, they were just asked to show up and spend time together. Yet a potent mixture of pragmatics, time and enthusiasm shared between the attendees instigated that over the course of the days spent there things would start to take shape. And, as the photographs of the several editions of Eek featured in this book allow us to see, what a gathering place Eek was.  - YANA FOQUE

with texts by Auridas Gajauskas, Jokūbas Čižikas, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Yana Foque, Monika Kalinauskaitė, Žygimantas Kudirka and with thanks to everyone who joined the roads. 

SPOILER ! The book is in Lithuanian! 

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BIRTH V - Hi and Bye

Authors: Kris Lemsalu; Maria Arusoo (ed.)
Title: BIRTH V - Hi and Bye
Publisher: Mousse Publishing, Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

The work of Kris Lemsalu is pagan and it’s punk and it’s hers and it’s ours. . . . It’s the lightning of heaven and the volcanic heat in the abyssal ocean. It’s the carnival of objects Frankensteined together into concoctions as fragile as life itself. It’s life.–Andrew Berardini

Kris Lemsalu is an Estonian-born artist who creates mixed-media sculptures, installations, and performances utilizing unexpected materials. Often underscored by feminist themes, her works evoke the bestial side of humanity and civilizations. This book offers a peek into Lemsalu’s explorations in art and life, which in her case are inseparable. The rich visual material, selected by the artist herself, ranges from exhibition views; to analog photos of the artist, her friends, and her collaborators; to her everyday work at the studio; to the wild parties she attends. Essays by Los Angeles–based writer Andrew Berardini and Estonian curator and writer Tamara Luuk overview Lemsalu’s oeuvre with a particular focus on BIRTH V: Hi and Bye, her biggest project yet, which was co-published by Mousse Publishing and the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art and produced for the Estonian Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019.

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Children’s Games

Authors: Cuauhtmoc Medina, David MacDougall, Francis Alys, Jaap Guldemond, Marente Bloemheuvel (eds.)
Title: Francis Alys: Children's Games
Publisher: Eye Filmmuseum & Nai010 publishers
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Monographs

Francis Alys has documented children at play all over the world, from kids playing knucklebones in Nepal to musical chairs in Mexico or flying kites in Afghanistan. He filmed in peaceful towns and villages, but also against the backdrop of conflict and tension, such as at a Yezidi refugee camp in Iraq or in besieged Kabul. This book shows the ways children everywhere pass the time and create their own fantasies in games and leisure, whether skipping stones, sandcastles, marbles, or hopscotch. The project is presented here as a series for the first time, with contributions by journalist Lorna Scott Fox, filmmaker David MacDougall, and art critic and curator Cuauhtemoc Medina.

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Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices / Prohibited Imports

Authors: Maria Eichhorn, Scott Watson (ed.)
Title: Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices / Prohibited Imports
Publisher: Walther Koenig
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

This book tracks two ongoing projects by German installation artist Maria Eichhorn (born 1962), both of which explore the representation of sexual imagery. Prohibited Imports now consists of four books that were censored by Japanese customs; Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices currently comprises 20 films.

The essays by Nina Power, Nora M. Alter, Pamela M Lee, and Scott Watson engage the critical dimension of these compelling works.

30.00 EUR

The Making of Husbands. Christina Ramberg in Dialogue

Authors: Christina Ramberg, Anna Gritz (ed.)
Title: The Making of Husbands. Christina Ramberg in Dialogue
Publisher: Walther Koenig, KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

Christina Ramberg was one of the most intriguing painters to emerge within a generation of Chicago Imagists. She left a significant body of comic, formally elegant, erotically sinister paintings. Her understanding of the body as an environment that is closely intertwined with its surrounding, shaped by corsets, hairdos as well as behavioural conventions was central to the exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin) in 2019 – in connection to which this book was published – proposing an analysis of conduct based on her approach as something constructed by the structures that externally and internally determine our existence.

This clothbound book contains a representative selection of Ramberg’s paintings and drawings and places them in dialogue with the work of fellow artists such as Alexandra Bircken, Sara Deraedt, Gaylen Gerber, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Konrad Klapheck, Ghislaine Leung, Hans-Christian Lotz, Senga Nengudi, Ana Pellicer, Richard Rezac, Diane Simpson, Terre Thaemlitz and Kathleen White.

The book also comprises texts by Dodie Bellamy, Kathrin Bentele, Jen George, Larne Abse Gogarty, Judith Russi Kirshner, Leon Kruijswijk.

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Sol LeWitt: Folds and Rips 1966-1980

Author: Sol Lewitt, Dieter Schwartz (ed.)
Title: Sol LeWitt: Folds and Rips 1966-1980
Publisher: Walther Koenig
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

In 1966, Sol LeWitt conceived a new type of work, ‘drawings without drawing’, replacing traditional drawing by using various ways of folding paper.

In 1969, he started to regularly produce what he called Folds, first as gifts to friends, but then as works to be distributed by his dealers. In 1971 he added the Rips, drawings made of ripped paper. LeWitt went from ripping papers of various sizes and colours in different ways, to working with city maps, air view photos of Florence, Manhattan and Chicago from which he removed areas.The systematic approach on which LeWitt’s work is based, was also applied to the Folds and Rips, and so they most often were created in series.

The book presents these works for the first time, with a historical essay by influential Swiss curator Dieter Schwarz, and a complete catalogue of the Folds and the Rips.

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The Mill

Authors: Jesse Birch, Will Holder (eds.)
Title: The Mill
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Artists' Writings, Exhibition Catalogue

The Mill is the second of three projects to engage the resource industries of Vancouver Island (mining, forestry, and fishing) through contemporary art and writing. This publication responds to forestry: a mobile industry of logging camps that follow the trees; prices that rise and fall; mills that open and close; communities that boom and bust. In The Mill, artworks are accompanied by a multiplicity of voices, including forestry workers, plant ecologists, and indigenous land stewards. Together, these perspectives chart the cultural and material shifts brought about when trees become commodities.

Contributions by E. Richard Atleo (Umeek), Celestine Aleck, Marian Penner Bancroft, Myrtle Bergren, Peter Culley, Jason de Haan and Miruna Dragan, Wilmer Gold, Al Bersch and Leslie Grant, Bus Griffiths, Robert Guest, Ursula K. Le Guin, Richard Hebda, Robert Wall Kimmerer, Duane Linklater, Liz Magor, Anne Pask-Wilkinson, George Sawchuk, Carol Sawyer, W. G. Sebald, Kathy Slade, Kate Stefiuk, Kika Thorne, Nancy Turner, Fred Wah, Elias Wakan, Merv Wilkinson, Ashes Whityman. 

20.00 EUR

Radio Revolten

Authors: Corax e.V., Knut Aufermann, Helen Hahmann, Sarah Washington, Ralf Wendt (eds.)
Title: Radio Revolten. 30 Days of Radio Art
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Essays & Non-fiction
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Leading art institutions such as Tate Modern, the São Paulo Biennial, and Documenta have now recognized that an ongoing artistic use of the airwaves has generated an autonomous genre called radio art. Over the last few decades independent radio stations in North America and Europe have provided crucial support for this art form to develop and flourish. In October 2016 the International Radio Art Festival Radio Revolten, organized by community radio station CORAX, brought together today’s radio artists in Halle (Saale) in Germany. Radio Revolten featured a dedicated radio art station, installations, live performances, conferences, workshops, and public interventions. This book documents the world’s most extensive radio art festival, which presented community radio as an open-access medium for cultural use.

Texts by: Knut Aufermann, Helen Hahmann, Sarah Washington, Ralf Wendt.
With additional contributions by: Xentos Fray Bentos, Anna Friz, Hartmut Geerken, Lucinda Guy, Martin Hartung, Lukas Holfeld, Udo Israel, Tina Klatte, Jan Langhammer, Sophea Lerner, Michael Nicolai, Gabi Schaffner, Helen Thein, Nina Westermann, Gregory Whitehead, Florian Wüst and Elisabeth Zimmermann

28.00 EUR

Georgia Sagri

Authors:  Christina Lehnert, Philippe Pirotte (eds.)
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Monographs

As her first comprehensive publication, this catalogue surveys the multi-facetted oeuvre of the Greek artist Georgia Sagri. As the title of this book suggests, the staged objects Sagri produces are doubled modules, where each I or self can be 'cross-eyed.' This effect, often produced theatrically, reorders the collective gaze to be subverted through a 'catastrophe of emotions.' Across performance, video work, and sculpture, Sagri navigates the murky relationships between the artist’s body and her body of work, subjectivity and persona, original and reproduction with equal parts humor and severity.

Collected in this catalogue is both current documentation of Sagri’s work and rich archival material since 1999; together they are juxtaposed against essays by Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Daniel Horn, Ruba Katrib, Christina Lehnert, Diego Singh and Stephen Squibb, an interview conducted with Silvia Federici, and a conversation between the artist, Bettina Funcke, and John Kelsey.

A founding organizer of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Georgia Sagri’s social activism (alongside her artistic activities) dates back to 1997, when she was a member of the Void Network in Athens. Sagri has organized the perambulatory curatorial project Saloon and the audio-only magazine Forte since 2009. In 2013 she initiated the semi-public and semi-personal space Ύλη[matter]HYLE in Athens, with the mission to develop a new model for the contemporary work-life structure. She has exhibited and participated in documenta 14 (2017), Manifesta 11 (2016), Istanbul Biennial (2015), La biennale de Lyon (2013), Whitney Biennial (2012), Thessaloniki Biennale (2011), and the Athens Biennale (2007).

24.00 EUR

Ellen Cantor. A history of the world as it become known to me

Authors: Lia Gangitano, Fatima Hellberg, Jamie Stevens (eds.)
Title: Ellen Cantor. A history of the world as it become known to me.
Publisher: Sternberg Press, Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, Participant Inc., CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
Subject: Monographs, Artists' Writings

Contributions by Dodie Bellamy, Jonathan Berger, John Brattin, Ellen Cantor, Lia Gangitano, Cy Gavin, Joseph Grigely, Clara Lopez Menendez, John Maybury

Ellen Cantor (1961–2013) combined ready-made materials with diaristic notes and drawings to probe her perceptions and experiences of personal desire and institutional violence. This book is concerned with, and a document of, Cantor’s work through the lens of Pinochet Porn (2008–16) and its making—an epic experimental film embodying and radically extending her multifaceted artistic practice. Taking the form of an episodic narrative about five children growing up under the regime of General Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and shot between her dual hometowns of London and New York, history is observed through Cantor’s fictive speculations on private experience within a totalizing political order. A history of the world as it has become known to me brings together writings and archival materials of Cantor’s, including a reproduction in full of her drawing-based script Circus Lives from Hell (2004), alongside contributions by writers, artists, collaborators, and friends reflecting on Cantor’s practice, Pinochet Porn, and a singularly transgressive vision: explicitly feminist, remorselessly emotional, dramatic in tone, and, as Cantor herself liked to put it, adult in subject matter.

26.00 EUR

The Long Road to Xico

Author: Pedro de Llano (ed.)
Title: The Long Road to Xico / El Largo Camino a Xico. Maria Thereza Alves 1991-2015
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Monographs, Catalogues

The Long Road to Xico, 1991–2015 is the first monograph of Brazilian artist Maria Thereza Alves, and the outcome of her solo show at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo in Seville in 2015. It gathers more than twenty projects realized between 1991 and 2015, including rarely viewed early works that help us see her most recent production from a new perspective. This publication also collects a selection of Alves’s writings and contextualizes her work in the political and cultural debates from the 1980s, when she became an activist—in the United States and Brazil—and an early participant in discourses around 'postcolonialism' and 'ecology'. Together with these materials, the book contains essays by the editor, Pedro de Llano, and T. J. Demos, professor of art and visual culture at the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

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The Enigma of the Hour: 100 Years of Psychoanalytic Thought

Authors: Goshka Macuga, Simon Moretti (eds.)
Title: The Enigma of the Hour: 100 Years of Psychoanalytic Thought
Publisher: Walther Koenig
Subject: Exhibion Catalogue, Artists' Writings

*Artists interpret the archives of the legendary psychoanalysis journal*

Founded by British analyst (and Freud biographer) Ernest Jones with the collaboration of Sigmund Freud in 1920, The International Journal of Psychoanalysis has remained the main international vehicle for psychoanalysis. On the occasion of its centenary, artists Simon Moretti and Goshka Macuga have created a presentation of the origins and life of the journal with archival material, alongside contemporary artworks and pieces of the museum’s collection.

The book gathers texts and artworks relating the prehistory of the journal, the hidden role of women in its early years, its beginnings and connections with the Bloomsbury Group, and the influence of classical art and culture on Freud’s ideas and the visual identity of the journal. Taking its title from the 1911 painting by Giorgio de Chirico, it focuses on themes central to both psychoanalysis and art, such as translation, transformation, temporality, metaphors, dreams and the unconscious.

Artists include: Linder, Daniel Silver, Paloma Varga Weisz, Duncan Grant, Barbara Ker-Seymer with John Banting and Rodrigo Moynihan, Simon Moretti, Goshka Macuga and Sergei Pankejeff.

Texts by: Jennifer Higgie, Simon Moretti, Michael Newman, Daniel Silver, Adele Tutter, Marina Warner.

20.00 EUR

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