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In Order of Dissapearance

Author: Deimantė Jasiulevičiūtė
Title: In Order of Dissapearance
Publisher: Self-published, Graphic design
Subject: Artists' Books

Phone-wallet-keys. A typical scenario everyone is running through their head when leaving the house. But what if keys are soon a thing of the past?

In 2017 a U.S. tech company first introduced microchips to their employees that turned this convention on its head. On a voluntary basis the company began offering its staff the possibility to insert a small chip under the skin, between the thumb and index finger, which could be used to unlock doors and computers in the office buildings without the necessity of physical keys or having to memorize any passwords.

Since the early 2000s, biohacking has become a 'thing' among tech aficionados and the pressing question that has arisen in this field is whether or we will still need to carry keys in the future. This question extends not only to our keychains but also to our wallets. Can we maybe replace all bank or credit cards with just one chip that sits comfortably millimeters under our skin?

But through 'keys' also notions of security, safety and privacy arise, which all become matters of debate when a lock breaks or a key gets lost, stolen or hacked. Similarly keys and locks connote ownership and accessibility, so can we even begin to imagine a (Western) world without them?

6.00 EUR

Graphic 42: Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Title: Graphic 42: Gerrit Rietveld Academy
Publisher: Propaganda
Subject: Graphic Design

This issue of ‘Graphic’ is the brainchild of the graduating class in graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. According department head David Bennewith, each contribution is a response to the question, "What is education in our department?" As such, the contents, their formulation, design, and production show best what the students have learned and where their interests lie. The magazine’s diverse offerings include a font showcase of designs by former students and teachers, a selection of lyrical feedback from the summer 2017 critiques, excerpts and inspirations from the building blocks of theses, glimpses into students’ personal drawers, and much more.

27.00 EUR


Author: Karel Martens
Title: Motion
Publisher: Roma Publications
Subject:  Artists' Books, Graphic Design

Published as part of ‘Motion’, an exhibition by Dutch artist and graphic designer Karel Martens at Kunstverein München, this book is the seventh instalment of the ‘Companion’ series produced by the Kunstverein and Roma Publications. With concept and design by Julie Peeters, the greater part of the book’s content is derived from the video ‘Not for Resale’, a sequence of photographs of the array of images and objects found on the artist’s studio wall, taken in 2000. Material from two other videos, ‘Lost & Found’ (2004) and ‘Tol’ (2008), is also included, along with a transcription of a conversation between Martens and Chris Fitzpatrick, director of the Kunstverein.

30.00 EUR

The Street Cards

Author: Tobias Kaspar
Publisher: Koenig Books
Subject:  Artists' Books

"The Street Cards" are both a document and an extension of Tobias Kaspar’s "The Street" in form of a giant deck of cards. Each card has six slots so that the cards might be joined in many different ways – to build houses, towers, bridges – a street with with a cafes, restaurant, shoes, a book shop, a gallery, clothes and even trash.

Tobias Kaspar’s "The Street" premiered Spring 2016 for 24h within the Cinecitta Film Studios in Rome and appropriated for the time being the crumbling studio facade street which was originally build for the making of Martin Scorsese's 2002 picture "Gangs of New York". Each of the 24 colourful card comes with an unique design – 48 in total – based on photographs of Tobias Kaspar’s "The Street", to grace bookshelf around the world and to disappear in kids rooms everywhere, to be played with by adults and children – make your own street.

38.00 EUR

A Final Companion To Books From The Simpsons

Author: Olivier Lebrun
Title: A Final Companion To Books From The Simpsons
Publisher: Yellow-pages / Rollo
Subject: Graphic Design, Artists' Books

French graphic designer Olivier Lebrun follows on his previous publications documenting the books that appear in the popular cartoon television series with this anthology of more than 330 images and titles. All have been captured with a black-and-white animation screenshot and catalogued in alphabetical order.

Ostensibly the final instalment of this highly personal project by Lebrun, this new, updated edition reflects countless painstaking hours spent scanning episodes, plus the contributions of a large community of fans and readers who provided tips over the years.

16.00 EUR

The Palace of Typographic Masonry

Author: Richard Niessen (ed.)
Title: The Palace of Typographic Masonry
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Graphic Design

The Palace of Typographic Masonry is dedicated to the splendour and diversity of the graphic languages. Founded by Dutch graphic designer Richard Niessen, this imaginary building serves as a speculative platform for the variety, poetry and digressions of graphic design. The Palace presents the craft in an interdisciplinary cultural historical context and posits a new theory for the profession. Join us on a tour that takes you past more than 360 Palace 'exhibits'. A progress through nine stages: the departments of Sign, Symbol and Ornament; Construction, Poetics and Play; Order, Craft and Practice. Philosopher and writer Dirk van Weelden will serve you as your guide, offering his reflections on the items on display and introducing you to the people we meet when we enter a room.

Texts and contributions: Juan Luis Blanco, Matthijs van Boxtel, Tony Côme, Hansje van Halem, Fanette Mellier, Els Kuijpers, Moniker, Richard Niessen, Hans Oldewarris, Julius Vermeulen, Dirk van Weelden

42.00 EUR

What, you don’t know Grapus?

Author: Leo Favier
Title: What, you don’t know Grapus?
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Graphic Design

Grapus [ \gra-´pUEs] is a French graphic design collective founded in Paris immediately following the student protests of May 1968. The group saw life as a field for experimentation, putting the new political, social, and cultural debates into graphic form for public discussion. At first Grapus designed posters for local chapters of the Communist Party; twenty years on, they were chosen to design the corporate identity of the Louvre in Paris. By the late 1980s, the collective’s productive days were over. In its heyday it had attracted many highly committed graphic artists both from France and abroad. After receiving the Grand Prix National des Arts Graphiques, the group decided to disband in 1990. Leo Favier set out in search of the former members of the collective. The twenty-six interviews in his book tell of the utopian working methods and heated disputes that were at the heart of this collective way of life.

19.00 EUR

The Alphabet Book

Author: Eric Metcalfe, Gary Lee Nova, Glenn Lewis, and Paul Oberst
Title: The Alphabet Book
Publisher: Kunstverein Amsterdam
Subject: Artists' Books, Graphic Design

In 1971, Michael Morris and Vincent Tarsov, founders of the Vancouver based artist network, Image Bank, invited Eric Metcalfe, Gary Lee Nova, Glenn Lewis, and Paul Oberst to create their own, unique alphabet. Now, 40 years later, with the permission of the participating artists and the help of Image Bank, these historic silk-screened alphabets have finally been published together. 'The Alphabet Book' is designed by Marc Hollenstein, who was inspired to re-initiate the alphabet publication project after having a conversation with Glenn Lewis during the opening of Lewis’ retrospective exhibition at Kunstverein back in 2014.

20.00 EUR

Poster Town

Author: Erich Brechbühl, Klaus Fromherz, Martin Geel, Michael Kryenbühl, Simon Rüegg, Raphael Schoen, Ivan Weiss, Megi Zumstein (eds.)
Title: Poster Town. Contemporary Poster Design from Lucerne
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Graphic Design, Exhibition Catalogue

Lucerne—Switzerland’s poster town—has a vibrant graphic design scene, which in recent years has become known for its sophisticated posters well beyond the country’s borders. Professional colleagues are in awe of how a relatively small city can produce so many well-designed posters. Lucerne posters can be found in many exhibitions. To give one example: in 2015 alone, twenty-six of the hundred best posters from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland came from Lucerne and the surrounding area—in other words, more than a quarter of all the awardwinning works. What’s behind this? Is it coincidence or a preponderance of designers of above-average talent in a comparatively small area? The book Poster Town tracks this phenomenon with a wealth of images and texts and creates a record of Lucerne’s poster designs for posterity. 


36.00 EUR

I shout "That‘s me!" Stories of Czech fanzines from the 80s till now

Author: Miloš Hroch
Title: I shout "That‘s me!" Stories of Czech fanzines from the 80s till now
Publisher: Page Five
Subject: Graphic Design

Published in November 2017 by PageFive, for the first time the book takes its readers through uncharted waters of the Czech fanzine scene, that is, of unofficial amateur magazines. It brings to light stories of those who fell for computer games or wrote sci-fi stories, who obsessively compiled their own metal music charts, who were driven to street demonstrations by hardcore punk music or who wanted to change the standing of women in society. And who then wrote about it freely in their magazines.

The bi-lingual publication I shout "That‘s me!" Stories of Czech fanzines from the 80s till now of over 230 pages features unique archival content and should be of interest to local as to foreign reades as well, as the fanzine culture outside of the Anglo-American scene is practically unmapped.

25.00 EUR

Pateř 2116

Author:  Jan Novak (concept, graphic design, typography), Tomaš Bilina (story)
Title: Pateř 2116
Publisher: Page Five
Subject: Graphic Design, Artists' Books
Stock: ✔

Pater is a raw science-fiction novel and futuristic design polemic, taking place in streets of Prague in a year 2115.

Bit by bit, you lose patience. You thumb through the manual angrily. Nothing. You find the contents. The modest imprint only confirms that the pages containing the key to the system’s language, necessary to overcome the programmable barrier, isn’t there. You turn on AČ, who’s trying to cut the composite tape on the AC vent.

'Are you fucking kidding me, asshole?!' AČ shrivels up in anticipation of another blow. You aim the paralyzer at him. He’s huddled in the corner, whining like a beaten dog.

'I don’t know anything. I really don’t know anything! I swear!'

Not again. 'What did we say about swearing?!' The paralyzer beam hits one of his kidneys. 'I’ll give you one more chance to tell the truth. I won’t lie, you’ll get another one afterwards, but then you’ll have no kidneys left, so think about what you’re gonna say.'

AČ’s become a crying, salivating wreck only barely reminiscent of a person. Not that he was a feast for the eyes before the radiotherapy, but this is too much.

25.00 EUR