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How many female type designers do you know?

Author: Yulia Popova
Title: How many female type designers do you know?
Publisher: Onomatopee
Subject: Art History, Graphic Design, Cultural History

This book aims to shine light on work of women in type. The first part of the book offers research on the gender issue in type design field. It includes statistics, data and an overview of some works that address this issue. Further it contains some biographies of female type designers that worked in the 19th and in the beginning of 20th century. These women contributed to the industry, yet they are rarely mentioned in educational material.
The second part is a series of the interviews with 14 women that are either currently working as type designers or are in any other way involved in the field of type design. These interviews intend to uncover the topic of unequal share of female and male speakers at type conference as well as the lack of women in the industry. The last part of the book is a showcase of typefaces designed by women. The purpose of this part is to show the great amount and broad variety of such typefaces.

Interviews with Designers: Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, Veronika Burian, Maria Doreuli, Louise Fili, Martina Flor, Loraine Furter, Jenna Gesse, Golnar Kat Rahmani, Indra Kupferschmid, Briar Levit, Zuzana Licko, Ana Regidor, Fiona Ross and Carol Wahler.

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Author: Gailė Pranckūnaitė
Title: F-O-N-T-S
Publisher: Six Chairs Books
Subject: Artists' Books, Graphic Design

In Gaile Pranckunaite’s publication ‘F-O-N-T-S’ you will discover a collection of 21 fonts created between 2017 and 2020.  To explore the shapes and forms of each font, the text is copied from a section on Reddit ( where the users are discussing a hypothetical question of how many trees would need to be planted on earth to absorb all the CO2 yearly emissions. 

Edition of 100, riso printing by Studio Ariel Ink 

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Natural Enemies of Books. A Messy History of Women in Printing and Typography

Authors: MMS (Maryam Fanni, Matilda Flodmark and Sara Kaaman)
Title: Natural Enemies of Books. A Messy History of Women in Printing and Typography
Publisher: Occassional Papers
Subject: Graphic Design, Essays & Non-fiction
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The Natural Enemies of Books is a response to the groundbreaking 1937 publication Bookmaking on the Distaff Side, which brought together contributions by women printers, illustrators, authors, typographers and typesetters. It highlights the print industry’s inequalities and proposes a takeover of the history of the book.

Edited by feminist graphic design collective MMS, Natural Enemies includes several new essays and poems by Kathleen Walkup, Ida Borjel, Jess Baines and Ulla Wikander. It also offers conversations with former typesetters Inger Humlesjo, Ingegard Waaranpera, Gail Cartmail and Megan Dobney as well as reprints of the original book.

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Unjustified Texts: Perspectives on Typography

Author: Robin Kinross
Title: Unjustified Texts: Perspectives on Typography
Publisher: B42
Subject: Graphic Design, Essays & Non-fiction
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Over twenty-five years of engagement, somewhere in the borderlands between journalism and the academy, Robin Kinross has written for magazines and journals, making a case for typography as a matter of fine detail and subtle judgement, whose products concern all of us, every day. 

This selection of his shorter writings brings his major themes into focus: the unsung virtues of editorial and information design, the fate of Modernism in the twentieth century, the work of dissident and critical Modernist designers, the contributions of emigre designers from Europe in the English-speaking world, the virtues of a socially-oriented design approach. 

He argues for a design that is of use in the world, and against the cult of design and the delusions of theory. Pieces move from patient exposition, to sharp critique, to warm appreciation. This book presents an unexpected body of writing, which stakes out fresh territory between the purely academic and the merely journalistic. The whole is an unusual and powerful contribution to the subject of typography.

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Modern Typography. An Essay in Critical History

Author: Robin Kinross
Title: Modern Typography. An Essay in Critical History
Publisher: Editions B42
Subject: Graphic Design, Theory & Philosophy
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Situating the birth of modern typography around 1700, when it started to be distinct from printing, Robin Kinross introduces in Modern Typography a new understanding of the subject: as something larger and more deeply rooted than a modernism of style, echoing Jürgen Habermas’s proposition that modernity is ‘a continuing project’. Starting with the early years of the Enlightenment in France and Britain, different cultures and countries successively become the focus for the discussion as they gain significance. Examining the social, technical and material contexts in which typographers operate, the argument also considers principles and explanations of practice. This essay is seminal in many ways, providing a lively and critical narrative of historical development, a springboard for further investigation, and reproductions of not-often seen items.

'This is a book to read and reread. It is provocative, dense, opinionated, and thoroughly original. […] It deserves to become a classic.' - Alastair Johnston, Bookways

28.00 EUR

The FACIT Model

Author: Our Polite Society (ed.)
Title: The FACIT Model. Globalism, Localism, Identity.
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Graphic Design, Cultural History

In Sweden, the FACIT brand is as well-known as IBM or Olivetti. Based in Åtvidaberg, the company produced mechanical calculators, typewriters, and office furniture in the period between 1922 and 1998. By the 1970s the company had grown from a local family business into one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The company-sponsored football team ÅFF was playing in the first division. A few years later the FACIT organisation had disappeared—worn down by global capitalism. The FACIT Model looks at this peculiar outgrowth of corporate modernism through the printed matter produced in FACIT’s inhouse print shops. Type specimens, manuals, advertising leaflets, and product catalogues bear witness to a culture in which many of the codes and forms familiar to us from today’s world of work were defined or invented. The FACIT Model documents the visual research carried out by Our Polite Society in the archives of FACIT AB.

32.00 EUR

Kolkata: City of Print

Author: Mara Züst
Title: Kolkata: City of Print
Publisher: Spector Books, Lyriqal Books
Subject: Graphic Design, Artists' Books

Kolkata: City of Print is a literary essay by Mara Züst realized through research conducted during several stays in Kolkata and focused on different aspects of the print medium in this Indian city. Modern-day Kolkata is strongly identified with print, from artistic print making to lithographed circus posters produced in mass quantities. Print as an aesthetic element is also the mainstay of the design of the resulting experimental book project, which has just been released in English and Bengali. The book consists of a smallformat reader reproduced as a facsimile. It was produced locally in print workshops in Kolkata.

18.00 EUR

Design Dedication. Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education

Author: Annelys de Vet (ed.)
Title: Design Dedication. Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education
Publisher: Valiz, Sanberg Instituut
Subject: Theory & Philosophy, Graphic Design
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Design Dedication makes a plea for adaptive mentalities within design pedagogy, with a non-normative approach to design practices. It explores an attitude in and towards design education that is socially engaged, politically aware, generous in approach, lyrical in tone, experimental in form and collaborative in practice. How can we talk about and bring out the political that’s inherent in the work that design students are doing? How to work on specific urgencies that are rooted in experience and narration? What are the underlying values of such a pedagogy? What kind of practices are developed in the context? How can an institute support and safeguard this? 

Design Dedication explores these approaches through statements from within and reaches out to design students, designers, artists, and teachers who are open to questioning their own practices and reformulating values in design dedication for a yet unpredictable, but surely dedicated tomorrow.

Contributors: Hannes Bernard, Michele Champagne, Rana Ghavami, Anja Groten, Agata Jaworska, Anstasia Kubrak, Sherida Kuffour, Gui Machiavelli, Daniel van der Velden and others.

20.00 EUR

O.oo No Magic In Riso

Authors: Lu Ihwa, Liu Yuxian, Vivian Wang
Title: O.oo No Magic in Riso. A billingual Risograph Tool Book
Publisher: O.oo Risograph and Design
Subject: Graphic Design

Risograph is a brand of digital duplicators that are designed mainly for high-volume photocopying and printing. The process creates micro-imperfections in printing, similar to spontaneity, or even comparable to how improvisation in jazz can lead to an unexpected but pleasant result. The result of two years of research by O.OO, a graphic design studio based in Taipei, the main focus of this publication is colour separation and experimentation with images. The studio does not claim the colour separation methods described here to be absolute or the 'right' way, but offer resources in hopes that they can provide helpful advice in practice while on the path to professionalism in this field.

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Jan Tschichold and the New Typography

Author: Paul Stirton 
Title: Jan Tschichold and the New Typography. Graphic Design Between the World Wars
Publisher: Bard Graduate Center, Yale University Press
Subject: Graphic Design, Art History, Monographs
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Illustrated with images from Jan Tschichold’s little-known private collection of design ephemera, this book explores a legendary figure in the history of modern graphic design through the artists, ideas, and texts that most influenced him. Tschichold (1902–1974), a prolific designer, writer, and theorist, stood at the forefront of a revolution in visual culture that made printed material more elemental and dynamic. His designs were applied to everyday graphics, from billboard advertisements and business cards to book jackets and invoices.

This volume offers a new understanding of Tschichold’s work, and of the underlying theories of the artistic movement he helped to form, by analyzing his collections: illustrations, advertisements, magazines, and books by well-known figures, such as Kurt Schwitters, El Lissitzky, Aleksandr Rodchenko, and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and lesser-known artist-designers, including Willi Baumeister, Max Burchartz, Walter Dexel, and Piet Zwart. This book also charts the development of the New Typography, a broad-based movement across Central Europe that included 'The Ring,' a group formed by Schwitters in 1927. Tschichold played a crucial role in defining this movement, documenting the theory and practice in his most influential book, The New Typography (1928), still regarded as a seminal text of graphic design.

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Juozas Galkus. Kūryba / Creative Work

Authors: Gražina Gurnevičiūtė, Živilė Intaitė (eds.)
Title: Juozas Galkus. Kūryba / Creative Work
Publisher: Lithuanian Art Museum
Subject: Monographs, Graphic Design

The Lithuanian poster is unimaginable without Juozas Galkus. He is one of the most prominent artists in this genre, who's artistic innovations have greatly contributed to the processes of modernisation in the latter part of the 20th century. He helped to shape the Lithuanian school of poster design and has represented the country at important international exhibitions. Many of his posters remain relevant today. His nearly 50 years of educational work at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) Graphic Art Department were highly memorable, having spawned a poster design teaching methodology and educated several generations of poster designers.

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A *New* Program for Graphic Design

Author: David Reinfurt
Title: A *New* Program for Graphic Design
Publisher: Inventory Press
Subject: Graphic Design, Theory & Philosophy

A *New* Program for Graphic Design is the first Communication Design text book expressly of and for the 21st century. Synthesizing the pragmatic with the experimental, A *New* Program for Graphic Design builds upon mid- to late-20th-century pedagogical models to convey advanced principles in an understandable form for students of all levels. 

David Reinfurt, a graphic designer, writer, and educator, has developed a design curriculum at Princeton University in which three courses provide a broad and comprehensive introduction to the field for students coming from a range of other disciplines. These courses—Typography, Gestalt, and Interface—are the foundation of this book. 

Through a series of in-depth historical case studies and assignments that progressively build in complexity, the book serves as a practical guide to visually understanding and shaping the increasingly networked world of information and design.

25.00 EUR

May 25 Is Now October

Author: Bardhi Haliti
Title: May 25 Is Now October
Publisher: Cpress
Subject: Artists' Books, Graphic Design

May 25 is now October 1 is an extensive research across Kosovar newspapers published between 1974 and 2018. The book documents sports activities that took place in seven identical sports halls in seven cities of Kosovo. The images have been cropped, zoomed in on, and paired together by similarity. The choreography is not meant to render them jewels or treasures, but rather to help find their meaning beyond their meaning within the now unfashionable sports halls. Through repetition, the images and texts reveal the multifunctional nature of community space in which larger sociopolitical and cultural cycles are reflected.


34.00 EUR

Re-Printed Matter

Author: Karel Martens
Title: Re-Printed Matter
Publisher: Roma Publications
Subject: Graphic Design, Artists' Books, Monographs

The work of Karel Martens occupies an intriguing place in the present European art-and-design landscape. Martens can be placed in the tradition of Dutch modernism, in the line of figures such as Piet Zwart, H.N. Werkman, Willem Sandberg. Yet he maintains some distance from the main developments of this time: from both the practices of routinized modernism and of the facile reactions against this. His work is both personal and experimental. At the same time, it is publicly answerable. Over the decades of his practice, Martens has been prolific as a designer of books. He has also made contributions in a wide range of design commissions: including stamps, coins, signs on buildings. Also a renowned teacher of graphic design, Karel Martens is co-initiator of the Werkplaats Typografie, a two-year master’s design programme related to ArtEZ, Arnhem, and guest professor at Yale University, New Haven. Intimately connected with this design work has been his practice as an artist. This started with geometric and kinetic constructions, and developed in work with the very material of paper. Over a long period he has been making monoprints.

This book looks for new ways to show and discuss the work of a designer and artist, and is offered in the same spirit of experiment and dialogue that characterizes the work it presents. 

35.00 EUR

Full Scale False Scale. A Reader of Sorts

Authors: Experimental Jetset
Title: Full Scale False Scale. A Reader of Sorts
Publisher: Roma Publications
Subject: Graphic Design, Artists' Books

Four years after Statement and Counter-Statement (2015), Experimental Jetset returns with their second paperback for Roma Publications. Whereas the previous publication had a more overall monographic scope, Full Scale False Scale focuses on a single project: the long-term, site-specific installation that the studio recently created for the Museum of Modern Art in New York (commissioned to coincide with the museum's reopening in October 2019). Part reader part collage, the book forms a subjective archive of documentary material, just as constructed as the installation itself - a research project that took them from esoteric colour theories to dark political alliances, and from modernist diagonals to postmodern arches. The 276-page paperback comes with a 24-page zine, filled with photos by Johannes Schwartz - fully documenting the installation, in colour and black & white.

22.00 EUR

In Order of Dissapearance

Author: Deimantė Jasiulevičiūtė
Title: In Order of Dissapearance
Publisher: Self-published, Graphic design
Subject: Artists' Books

Phone-wallet-keys. A typical scenario everyone is running through their head when leaving the house. But what if keys are soon a thing of the past?

In 2017 a U.S. tech company first introduced microchips to their employees that turned this convention on its head. On a voluntary basis the company began offering its staff the possibility to insert a small chip under the skin, between the thumb and index finger, which could be used to unlock doors and computers in the office buildings without the necessity of physical keys or having to memorize any passwords.

Since the early 2000s, biohacking has become a 'thing' among tech aficionados and the pressing question that has arisen in this field is whether or we will still need to carry keys in the future. This question extends not only to our keychains but also to our wallets. Can we maybe replace all bank or credit cards with just one chip that sits comfortably millimeters under our skin?

But through 'keys' also notions of security, safety and privacy arise, which all become matters of debate when a lock breaks or a key gets lost, stolen or hacked. Similarly keys and locks connote ownership and accessibility, so can we even begin to imagine a (Western) world without them?

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