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Labas, vaizduote

Author: Ieva Stankutė
Title: Labas, vaizduote
Publisher: self-published
Subject: Artists' Books, Kids 

Menininkės Ievos Stankutės knyga LABAS, VAIZUOTE – tai savotiškas vaizduotės pratimų atlasas, skaitytojus (tiek vaikus, tiek suaugusiuosius) kviečiantis įspėti ir nupiešti įvairias abstrakčias formas puslapiuose. 

Knyga sukurta naudojant mišrias technikas, surišta rankomis. Išleista ribotu 70 egz. tiražu. SPOILER ! The book is in Lithuanian. 

20.00 EUR

Vegetable Teratology Colouring Book

Author: Robin Watkins
Title: Vegetable Teratology Colouring Book
Publisher: K. Verlag
Subject: Artists' Books

Based on Maxwell T. 'Master's Vegetable Teratology: An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants' (1869), this colouring book examines the morphological potential of vegetables and fruits, plants and flowers. It gathers a selection of full-page botanical illustrations, a glossary, and a short text by Robin Watkins. The historical images once served to outline notions of what was to be considered acceptable growth behaviour; now they take on a new role by subtly embracing the aberration of form in its various colourations and questioning what is normal about normalcy.

15.00 EUR

Animal Books For/ Dierenboeken Voor Jaap Zeno Anna Julian Luca

Author: Lous Martens
Title: Animal Books For / Dierenboeken Voor Jaap Zeno Anna Julian Luca
Publisher: Roma Publications
Subject: Artists' Books, Kids

LOUS MARTENS: 'Seventeen years ago our grandson Jaap was born. That was the start of an animal book for Jaap. I used a dummy for the OASE journal of architecture and loosely pasted in pictures of animals that I had clipped from newspapers and magazines about art, literature and science. Plus stamps and photos from advertising brochures. Then Zeno was born and the same thing happened: an animal book for Zeno. Now I was working on two books at once. Then came Anna. Julian. Luca. At this point, there were five books-in-the-making on the table. And none of those five are finished yet. The children, as well as myself, enjoy seeing the small, ever-evolving changes. The additions. These books were never intended for the outside world where I had found all the pictures. Never intended to be published. Now they lie here, grouped into one big book, because others have convinced me it’s what they deserve.' - Roma Publications

34.00 EUR