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Anthropocene Poetics. Deep Time, Sacrifice Zones, and Extinction

Author: David Farried
Title: Anthropocene Poetics. Deep Time, Sacrifice Zones, and Extinction
Publisher: University of Minnesotta Press
Subject: Theory & Philosophy, Literature & Poetry

The Anthropocene describes how humanity has radically intruded into deep time, the vast timescales that shape the Earth system and all life-forms that it supports. The challenge it poses—how to live in our present moment alongside deep pasts and futures—brings into sharp focus the importance of grasping the nature of our intimate relationship with geological time. In Anthropocene Poetics, David Farrier shows how contemporary poetry by Elizabeth Bishop, Seamus Heaney, Evelyn Reilly, and Christian Bok, among others, provides us with frameworks for thinking about this uncanny sense of time.

Looking at a diverse array of lyric and avant-garde poetry from three interrelated perspectives—the Anthropocene and the 'material turn' in environmental philosophy; the Plantationocene and the role of global capitalism in environmental crisis; and the emergence of multispecies ethics and extinction studies—Farrier rethinks the environmental humanities from a literary critical perspective. Anthropocene Poetics puts a concern with deep time at the center, defining a new poetics for thinking through humanity’s role as geological agents, the devastation caused by resource extraction, and the looming extinction crisis

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The Bear in The Mirror

Author: Simone Forti
Title: The Bear in the Mirror
Publisher: Cornerhouse Publications, Vleeshal
Subject: Artists' Writings, Literature & Poetry
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Iʼve gathered so many books (….), all about the family. This is all washing over me like a waterfall. I canʼt figure out the genealogy, the chronology flows like currents that wind around each other at different rates. (…). And now Iʼm recognizing that Iʼm part of this tribe, this family of writers writing about our tribe.

These sentences can be found in Simone Fortiʼs new publication, The Bear in the Mirror – a wonderful collection of stories, prose-poems, drawings, photos, letters, notes and memories.

Simone Forti dives into the (his)stories of her family and of the woollen mills they once owned, trying to put all the myths and fragments of information into some kind of perspective. She takes us on a mind-provoking, mesmerizing journey through time and place, from December 1938 till the present moment, from Italy to Los Angeles.

Along the journey we find ourselves in different cities and in the woods, where we meet her family, bears, dogs and spiders.

 & the design by the dearest Nerijus Rimkus 

20.00 EUR

F. R. David, Spring 2020. Very Good

Authors: Paula Abbott, Will Holder (ed.)
Title: F. R. David (Spring 2020): Very Good
Publisher: uh Books, KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Subject: Periodicals & Reprints, Essays & Non-fiction, Literature & Poetry

Like music, the issue’s 'theme' is better off unaccounted for, and up in the air, like a flock of birds (creatures who feature heavily), circling around performance, listening bodies, given time, and loving relations.

This issue serves as a reader for 'We can still see the horizon (and it’s curved)' a Summer residency at Hospitafield, Scotland; led by Will Holder and Paul Abbott.

w/ contributions and texts by Ibn Al-Razzaz Al Jazari, Robert Ashley, Lula Bak, Jorge Luis Borges, Judith Butler, Italo Calvino, Hugo Cole, Ornette Coleman, Milford Graves, Keira Greene (& Alexandrina Hemsley) , Wilson Harris, Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Bernadette Mayer, Sophie Nys, Evan Parker, Harry Partch, Paul Pitchford, Marcel Proust, Cecil Taylor, Wu Tsang & Fred Moten, Michel Serres, Lucy Skaer, Gertrude Stein, Ian White, WH. 

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En algun lado y en ninguno. Poemas

Authors: Sun Ra; Mariana Castillo Deball, Tania Islas Weinstein and Alberto Ortega (eds.)
Title: En algun lado y en ninguno. Poemas
Publisher: Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite
Subject: Artists' Writings, Literature & Poetry

*billingual: Spanish / English

En algun lado y en ninguno is a compilation of poems by the jazz musician and poet Sun Ra (Alabama 1914 – Birmingham 1993), selected and translated into Spanish by Mariana Castillo Deball, Tania Islas Weinstein and Alberto Ortega.

The adventure began in a library that looks like a spaceship, next to a monument in the shape of a burned marshmallow that celebrates the first atomic reaction generated by humans. A plaque in the monument suggests that the powerful energy should be used for beneficial purposes. Inside this lunar library is the Special Collections Centre at the University of Chicago, that keeps the archive of Alton Abraham – Sun Ra Collection, comprising the period 1822-2008. Alton Abraham (1927-1999), entrepreneur and hospital technician, was a friend and partner of Sun Ra, and throughout his life he collected manuscripts, ephemera, artifacts, photographs and audio-visual recordings of the work of Sun Ra and his collaborators. Within the archive, which occupies 48 m of linear shelf space (146 boxes and a large folder) we found Sun Ra’s wallet, containing his lawyer’s business card, the insurance receipt for his car, a cabalistic amulet, and a million dollar bill perforated in the center. We also discovered Sun Ra’s typed poems, with handwritten corrections and in various versions.

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Author: Valentinas Klimašauskas
Title: Daugiakampis
Publisher: Six chairs books
Subject: Literature & Poetry, Artists' Writings
Stock: ✔

A foreign investigator lands in Vilnius on April Fool’s Day on a mission to collect all possible information that would help to crack a password and unlock a sensitive dataset. The investigator has only twenty four hours to meet the locals who could be useful in the search of any clues to untangle the hint phrase – a purple city gate. Together with a poet and a retired detective they visit the main landmarks of Vilnius and even find themselves in a former CIA Black Site. They discuss history and art, memorisation techniques, plane spotting and news making. What kind of keywords or facts can they find in a post-truth era, when neither media nor government or one’s own eyes and language can not be trusted?

Polygon is firstly a reference to a plot device, but its logic is also used in the character development and structure of language. Imagine the plot as if it was a feed in the social networks where the only thing in common between its posts is that they make a new multifaceted present. The story is augmented with a highly subjective repertoire of the artworks that represent the everyday circumstances where we all often find ourselves struggling. The author’s kaleidoscopic vision draws another perspective on contemporary experience, liquid identity, veering between contrasting values and discourses, and asks what does the truth mean in today’s click driven economy.

 (SPOILER: Book in Lithuanian)

10.00 EUR

Autumn’s Sun

Author: Loren Connors
Title: Autumn's Sun
Publisher: Blank Form Editions
Subject: Artists' Writings, Literature & Poetry, Music

In the mid-80s, Connors took a partial break from music and focused instead on the art of haiku, for which he received the Lafcadio Hearn Award in 1987. With his wife Suzanne Langille he also co-wrote an article on blues and haiku, 'The Dancing Ear,' published in the Haiku Society of America's journal. It was during this period that Connors penned the material that appears in Autumn's Sun, a chapbook first published by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley's Glass Eye in 1999. The text features diary excerpts from 1987, lyrically fragmented observations interspersed with haiku-like poems that paint an idyllic impression of the passing seasons in his home of New Haven, Connecticut. With synesthetic perception, Connors gazes from tranquil domestic streets. Sycamore, elm, and catalpa trees are activated by the breeze and made to rustle in unison with their natural and artificial surroundings, including the howling dogs from which Connors derived his 'Mazzacane' moniker. As summer fades to winter, Connors portrays death as an undramatic certitude, the flux of his own maturation reflected in musings on his son's. Like his music, Autumn's Sun is tender without being sentimental, conjuring those rare, delicate moments when time stands still.

This edition includes 'The Dancing Ear'  and an introduction by Lawrence Kumpf.

20.00 EUR

Between the Sum and the Parts

Authors: Lydia Cabrera; Karen Marta, Gabriela Ranger (eds.)
Title: Between the Sum and the Parts
Publisher: Walther Koenig, Americas Society
Subject: Literature & Poetry, Monographs
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Ever the trickster, Lydia Cabrera blurred the lines between historian and storyteller, reality and fiction. Finding their initial audience in the avant-garde milieu of interwar Paris, Cabrera's stories influenced by Afro-Cuban myths and folktales continue to delight and inspire generations of artists, writers, and scholars. When the rise of fascism forced Cabrera's return to her native Cuba, she devoted her life to the preservation of Afro-Cuban cultures, work that culminated in her scholarly masterpiece, El Monte, in which the voices and rituals of the dead animate Cuba's wilderness. The first English volume dedicated to her life and work, this publication introduces her substantial legacy to a new audience.

Texts by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Gabriela Rangel, Asad Raza, and Christopher Winks, with a facsmile of a story illustrated by Alexandra Exter.

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Author: Annette Weisser
Title:  Mycelium
Publisher: Semiotext(e)
Subject: Literature & Poetry

Going to openings and parties, setting up a studio and breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Noora is living the post–art school life in Berlin when, in 2005, she's diagnosed with breast cancer. Vaguely restless, until now she's been neither happy nor unhappy, but her entry into what she calls 'Cancerland' forces her to question the assumptions by which she lived her life so far. Uneasily, she realizes that the 'relationships of the soul' she and her friends value over everything else might not be as indelible as family, after all. 

In this sharp and picaresque first novel, conceptual artist Annette Weisser depicts the transformation of Berlin from the frontier city of the cold war to an international art hub as an analog and backdrop to the chaotic, corporeal transformation Noora undergoes through cancer and its treatments. Written in the casual, associative style of a female coming-of-age novel, Mycelium examines German trauma, art school dramas, and the inevitable parsing into winners and losers that her generation undergoes as they enter their mid-thirties.

15.00 EUR

Gorilos archyvai

Author: Vaiva Grainytė
Title: Gorilos archyvai
Publisher: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla
Subject: Literature & Poetry

Šis poezijos rinkinys galėjo tapti mano pirmąja knyga. Tačiau taip susiklostė, kad pirmiausiai išėjo dokumentinių esė knyga, o paskui aktyviai veikiau įvairiose meninėse konsteliacijose savo tekstus dažniausia pristatydama ne popieriuje, o per tarpdisciplinines raiškas – operose, radijo teatre, aplinkos šokio spektaklyje, muzikiniame performanse, audiopoetiniuose eksperimentuose. Veikiama laiko, ši knyga galiausiai tapo 'Gorilos archyvais'. Ji – lyg kūrybinė archeologija: kelis dešimtmečius rašyti eilėraščiai galiausiai buvo peržiūrėti, surūšiuoti, atrinkti ir inventorizuoti. Dabar, kai archyvai sutvarkyti, randasi vietos naujiems vėjams.'– Vaiva Grainytė.

SPOILER ! - The book is in Lithuanian

6.00 EUR

Atlantic Island

Author: Tony Duvert
Title: Atlantic Island
Publisher: Semiotext(e)
Subject: Literature & Poetry

Tony Duvert's novel Atlantic Island (originally published in French in 1979) takes place in the soul-crushing suburbs of a remote island off the coast of France. It is told through the shifting perspectives of a group of pubescent and prepubescent boys, ages seven to fourteen, who gather together at night in secret to carry out a series of burglaries throughout their neighborhood. The boys vandalize living rooms and kitchens and make off with, for the most part, petty objects of no value. Their exploits leave the adult community perplexed and outraged, especially when a death occurs and the stakes grow more serious.

Duvert's portrayal of adult life on this Atlantic Island is savage to the point of satire, but the boys and their thieving and sexuality are explored with sympathy. A novel on the loneliness of childhood and the solitude induced by geographical space, it is also an empathetic and generous homage to youth, a crime novel without suspense, and an unsettling fairytale for adults.

16.00 EUR

The Day I Am Free

Authors: Lawen Mohtadi, Katarina Taikon; with an introduction by Maria Lind
Title: The Day I Am Free
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Essays & Non-fiction

KATARINA TAIKON was an epoch-changing activist, prolific writer, and countercultural icon in Sweden. Her activist work brought her face-to-face with the most marginalized communities in society as well as prime ministers. Her writing defined the Roma struggle for equal rights and made accessible anti-racist narratives in children’s literature. Active from the early 1960s through the 1970s, Taikon faced a Sweden in which the Roma minority was heavily discriminated against. They were excluded from housing, the education system, and the rights of citizenship that the welfare state provided.

This book tells the story of Taikon’s life in three parts. The first is a 2012 biography by journalist Lawen Mohtadi. The second is Taikon in her own words: the first volume of her autobiographical children’s book series, Katitzi. In Katitzi, a fierce coming-of-age story, Taikon writes about her struggle as part of an ethnic minority in Sweden. The final section is an essay written by curator Maria Lind that articulates the cultural impact of Katitzi.

22.00 EUR

The Black City. Glosses

Author: Hubert Fichte
Title: The Black City
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Artists' Writings, Essays & Non-Fiction
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The Black City is a portrait of New York City written by Hubert Fichte between 1978 and 1980. One of Germany’s most important postwar authors, Fichte researched the city as the center of the African diaspora, conducting interviews and composing essays about syncretism in culture and the arts, material living conditions in the city, and political and individual struggles based on race, class, and sexuality. His interview partners include Michael Chisolm, arts educator and coordinator of the Black Emergency Cultural Coalition; German emigre and artist Lil Picard; photographer Richard Avedon; Leopold Joseph, publisher of the exile newspaper Haiti Observateur; and Teiji Ito, composer and Vodou initiate. The book opens with notes on an exhibition of Haitian art at the Brooklyn Museum, and closes with a self-reflective literary analysis of Herodotus, the first white European to write extensively of his travels and (desirous) encounters in Africa.

24.00 EUR

Of Mongrelitude

Author: Julian Talamantez Brolaski
Title: Of Mongrelitude
Publisher: Wave Books
Subject: Literature & Poetry

Finalist for the 2018 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Poetry

Of Mongrelitude is a colloquy on the mongrel body, textual and actual, sexual, specieal, and racial. Composed in a hybrid style, it makes the argument that everything can and does come into ‘englyssh’: ancient and invented languages, european and indigenous, tongues not yet named. All of this ‘made up as medicine’, as ceremony for all creatures, as literal song.

16.00 EUR


Author: Renee Gladman
Title: Calamities
Publisher: Wave Books
Subject: Literature & Poetry, Essays & Non-fiction

WINNER of the 2017 Firecracker Award for Nonfiction from the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP)

Reading Calamities is incantational. The reading experience is one drenched in the constant feeling of ignition and obstruction. Calamities at once demands and inhibits; it solicits and perturbs. It frustrates and tickles. And it reminds us, most forcefully, that narrative is erotically phenomenological. (Prathna Lor, Jacket2)

A collection of linked essays concerned with the life and mind of the writer by one of the most original voices in contemporary literature. Each essay takes a day as its point of inquiry, observing the body as it moves through time, architecture, and space, gradually demanding a new logic and level of consciousness from the narrator and reader.

15.00 EUR

Weird Fucks

Author: Lynne Tillman
Title: Weird Fucks
Publisher: New Herring Press
Subject: Literature & Poetry

FICTION. WOMEN'S STUDIES. ART BY AMY SILLMAN. The long out-of-print 1978 novella by the brilliant Lynne Tillman catalogs a series of encounters and relationships spanning the 60s and the 70s. Fucking is involved. So is weird, but in a way that means more than just weird. Think wyrd, like the witch sisters of Macbeth, or already feeling like a ghost, or waiting in a Victorian nightgown on Valium for two months, or knowing more about the cock of the baby alien in your bed than about his face. It's an early work, but already the sentences are classic Lynne Tillman, brutal, funny, concrete, and haunted. This is how WEIRD FUCKS should have always been, alone and beautiful and shiny in the world. The 8 full color artworks by Amy Sillman rub up against the words, and the fine detail and construction make it a pleasurably Weird Fuck to read and hold.


18.00 EUR

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