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Ecart. Geneva, 1969-1982

Authors: Lionel Bovier, Christophe Cherix (eds.)
Title: Ecart. Geneva, 1969-1982
Publisher: Head, MAMCO
Subject: Artists' Writings, Art History

The book traces the history of the artists’ collective and alternative venue started in 1969 in Geneva by John Armleder, with Patrick Lucchini and Claude Rychner.

With contributions by Lionel Bovier, Elisabeth Jobin & Yann Chateigne, Christophe Cherix, John M Armleder, Adelina von Fürstenberg, Jean-Christophe Ammann, Giuseppe Chiari, Olivier Mosset, Dick Higgins, Anna Banana, Groupe Ecart, Dieter Schwarz, Catherine Queloz, Christian Besson, Rainer Michael Mason.

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Not to be sold for more than $100

Authors: Sol LeWitt; foreword by Virginia Dwan; introduction by Jason Rulnick; essay by Veronica Roberts
Title: Sol LeWitt: Not to be sold for more than $100
Publisher: Radius Books
Subject: Monographs

Not to be sold for more than $100 explores the little-known but fascinating body of conceptualist pioneer Sol LeWitt’s folded, torn, and cut paper works, which he created from approximately 1971 to 1980. LeWitt referred to these works as the "R" drawings (for rip) and also as "hundred dollar drawings," since he wanted them to be sold for $100 in perpetuity. "His wall drawings were already selling for thousands of dollars, so he wanted to have some artwork that everybody could buy," notes Jason Rulnick. Thanks to extensive research throughout various private and public collections around the world, this volume includes over 100 color plates. In the high-flying commerciality of the contemporary art world, LeWitt’s intention and foresight for this body of work resonates more than ever.

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Authors: Nick Mauss; Karen Kelly, Barbara Schroeder (eds.) 
Title: Nick Mauss: Transmissions
Publisher: Dancing Foxes Press, co-published with Whitney Museum of American Art
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Monographs

Over the past decade, Nick Mauss (b. 1980) has pursued a hybrid mode of working that melds the roles of curator, artist, and scholar. This catalogue leans heavily into the scholarship side of his practice, building on his 2018 Whitney Museum exhibition with a closer look at the relationship between modernist ballet and the New York avant-garde. In the 1930s through 1950s, ballet was introduced to a popular audience in New York and was simultaneously influenced by developments in Europe in painting, photography, fashion, music, and poetry. Mauss reflects on this period of rich cross-media production and synergy, ultimately arguing for the inseparability of dance and art history. Reproductions of texts and artworks—by Paul Cadmus, George Platt Lynes, Dorothea Tanning, Carl Van Vechten, and others—are included along with historical images and installation photography of Mauss’s Whitney exhibition. Three other distinguished authors contribute essays on the subjects of ballet and the body, Mauss’s work as an artist and curator, and performance within museum spaces.

Texts by Nick Mauss, Joshua Lubin-Levy, Scott Rothkopf, Elisabeth Sussman, and Allie Tepper

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Cecilia Vicuna: Seehearing the Enlightened Failure

Author: Miguel A. Lopez (ed.)
Title: Cecilia Vicuna: Seehearing the Enlightened Failure
Publisher: Witte de With Publihsers
Subject: Art History, Monographs

Overlapping autobiography with sharp political reflections, Vicuna weaves visceral entanglements between word and seed, sound and thread, quipu and blood, body and dust, or rubbish and cosmos. This exhibition and accompanying publication is the most comprehensive survey today of a groundbreaking work that has been deeply influential among her peers and for later generations.

As the exhibition, this publication gives an overview of Vicuna's artistic practice as a poet, visual artist, and activist from the 1960s to the present day. It is edited by López, designed by Studio Manuel Raeder in Berlin, and includes a forward by Sofía Hernandez Chong Cuy, new essays by Miguel A. López, Julia Bryan-Wilson and Carla María Macchiavello, existing essays by Lucy Lippard and Dawn Adès, an anthology of texts authored by Cecilia Vicuna, and a number of previously unpublished visual documentation that expands our understanding of her work.

The book is fully illustrated. It includes color and black and white photography of more than 120 artworks by Vicuna, encompassing the full range of Vicuna's body of work: textiles, poetry, performances, film, collages, drawings, paintings, precarious objects, and activism. A chapter in the book is especially devoted to these images, which are organized in four thematic sections.

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Jan Tschichold and the New Typography

Author: Paul Stirton 
Title: Jan Tschichold and the New Typography. Graphic Design Between the World Wars
Publisher: Bard Graduate Center, Yale University Press
Subject: Graphic Design, Art History, Monographs
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Illustrated with images from Jan Tschichold’s little-known private collection of design ephemera, this book explores a legendary figure in the history of modern graphic design through the artists, ideas, and texts that most influenced him. Tschichold (1902–1974), a prolific designer, writer, and theorist, stood at the forefront of a revolution in visual culture that made printed material more elemental and dynamic. His designs were applied to everyday graphics, from billboard advertisements and business cards to book jackets and invoices.

This volume offers a new understanding of Tschichold’s work, and of the underlying theories of the artistic movement he helped to form, by analyzing his collections: illustrations, advertisements, magazines, and books by well-known figures, such as Kurt Schwitters, El Lissitzky, Aleksandr Rodchenko, and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and lesser-known artist-designers, including Willi Baumeister, Max Burchartz, Walter Dexel, and Piet Zwart. This book also charts the development of the New Typography, a broad-based movement across Central Europe that included 'The Ring,' a group formed by Schwitters in 1927. Tschichold played a crucial role in defining this movement, documenting the theory and practice in his most influential book, The New Typography (1928), still regarded as a seminal text of graphic design.

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Foto Vėros Šleivytės

Authors: Milda Dainovskytė, Agnė Narušytė (eds.)
Title: Foto Vėros Šleivytės
Publisher: Kupiškio etnografijos muziejus
Subject: Photography, Monographs

1906 m. gruodžio 6 d. Antašavoje gimusi Veronika (Vėra) Šleivytė, anksti suprato, kad nori tapti menininke ir ryžtingai siekė užsibrėžto tikslo. Baigusi keturias Kupiškio progimnazijos klases, metus (1923–1924 m.) mokytojavo kaimo bendruomenės įkurtoje mokykloje, organizavo kursus. 1924 m. ėmėsi studijų Kauno meno mokykloje, kur dėl silpnos sveikatos praleido dešimtmetį, bei įsitraukė į aktyvų visuomeninį gyvenimą. Dviejose skirtingose epochose gyvenusi menininkė, gimtinėje iki šiol buvo žinoma kaip grafikė ir tapytoja, tad nedaug kam buvo girdėta, kad tarpukariu ji reiškėsi kaip fotografė. Įsigijusi savo pirmąjį fotoaparatą Šleivytė aistringai fiksavo šeimos kasdienybę, keliones, parodas ir mylimasias, o likusi viena, asmeninėje erdvėje ji objektyvo pagalba neretai ironišku žvilgsiu stebi save tarsi klaustų – Kokia ta Vėra?

Leidinyje pristatoma plati autorės fotografijų kolekcija nejučia virstanti ištisu jos gyvenimo pasakojimu. Atidžiai, žalio rašalo antspaudu 'Foto Vėros Šleivytės' ir komentarais nuotraukas virtusias atvirlaiškiais žymėjusi Šleivytė tokiu būdu išsaugojo savo istoriją.

Autorės palikimas, kurį sudaro fotografijos, draugų ir mylimų moterų laiškai, eskizai, užrašai ir paveikslai, po jos mirties 1998 m. perduotas į Kupiškio etnografijos muziejaus fondus. 

Billingual! (LT/EN) Texts by Milda Dainovskytė, Ieva Burbaitė, Agnė Narušytė, Laima Kreivytė


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Juozas Galkus. Kūryba / Creative Work

Authors: Gražina Gurnevičiūtė, Živilė Intaitė (eds.)
Title: Juozas Galkus. Kūryba / Creative Work
Publisher: Lithuanian Art Museum
Subject: Monographs, Graphic Design

The Lithuanian poster is unimaginable without Juozas Galkus. He is one of the most prominent artists in this genre, who's artistic innovations have greatly contributed to the processes of modernisation in the latter part of the 20th century. He helped to shape the Lithuanian school of poster design and has represented the country at important international exhibitions. Many of his posters remain relevant today. His nearly 50 years of educational work at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) Graphic Art Department were highly memorable, having spawned a poster design teaching methodology and educated several generations of poster designers.

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Dodie Bellamy Is on Our Mind

Authors: Jeanne Gerrity, Anthony Huberman (eds.)
Title: Dodie Bellamy Is on Our Mind
Publisher: MIT Press
Subject: Literature & Poetry, Monographs

Dodie Bellamy (b. 1951, in North Hammond, Indiana) has lived and worked in San Francisco since 1978. A vital contributor to the Bay Area's avant-garde literary scene, Bellamy is a novelist and poet whose work has focused on sexuality, politics, feminism, narrative experimentation, and all things queer. In her words, she champions 'the vulnerable, the fractured, the disenfranchised, the fucked-up.'

Dodie Bellamy Is on Our Mind is the first major publication to address Bellamy's prolific career as a genre-bending writer. Megan Milks made several trips to San Francisco in order to spend time with Bellamy and craft a provocative and fascinating profile of the writer. Originally delivered as a lecture at the Wattis Institute, Andrew Durbin's text takes the form of a personal essay, expertly weaving anecdotes of his own encounters with Bellamy's writing with insights into broader themes in her work. Academic Kaye Mitchell takes a close look at the role of shame and its relationship to femininity in particular texts by Bellamy. And Bellamy and her late husband Kevin Killian offer deeply personal, emotionally wrenching ruminations on topics from the mundane (drawing) to the profound (mortality). These texts, alongside archival photos and a complete bibliography make, this book an important compendium on Bellamy.

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Aleksandros Kašubos darbai

Author: Aleksandra Kašuba
Title: Aleksandros Kašubos darbai
Publisher: Lithuanian Museum of Art
Subject: Monographs

Ši knyga yra nuostabą keliančio gyvenimo kelias (...) aprašantis dailininkės, skulptorės ir statytojos Aleksandros Kašubos asmeninio vaizdyno ir poetinių formų tapsmą, subrandintą beformuojant tiek biologinį, tiek utopinį pasaulį. Biomimikrija, akivaizdi natūraliose formose, kurios gimsta susiliejant veikiamoms įtampoms, čia jungiasi su utopiniu kito pasaulio erdvės pojūčiu - Nicholas Goldmsith 

Aleksandra Kašuba meno studijas pradėjo Lietuvoje, 1942−1943 m. mokėsi Kauno taikomosios ir dekoratyvinės dailės institute, 1943 m. − Vilniaus dailės akademijoje. 1944 m. artėjant frontui, kartu su vyru Vytautu Kašuba pasitraukė į Vakarus. 1947 m. emigravo į JAV, nuo 1963 m. gyveno ir dirbo Niujorke, 2001 m. persikėlė į Naujosios Meksikos valstiją.

Menininkė per aktyvųjį kūrybos laikotarpį išbandė įvairias raiškos priemones: figūrinę keramiką, mozaiką, kūrė abstrakčius sieninius reljefus iš plytų, marmuro, granito, skirtus viešosioms JAV miestų erdvėms. Bene garsiausias tokių reljefų pavyzdys yra 1986 m. įgyvendinta Pasaulio prekybos centro Niujorke sieninė puošyba, sunaikinta kartu su pastatu 2001 m. rugsėjo 11 d. teroro akto metu. Tačiau originaliausią Kašubos kūrybos dalį sudaro eksperimentinės tampraus audinio struktūros (...) 1942–2000 m. menininkės darbai saugomi Smithsonian instituto Amerikos menoarchyve - Elona Lubytė

SPOILER ! The book is in Lithuanian, lots of images though 

7.00 EUR

Pierre Huyghe. Werke / Works 2009-2019

Authors: Pierre Huyghe; Rebecca Lewin, Natalia Grabowska, Melissa Larner (eds.)
Title: Pierre Huyghe. Werke / Works 2009-2019
Publisher: Serpentine Galleries, Walther Koenig
Subject: Monographs

This publication is a survey of Pierre Huyghe's practice from the last ten years: 'The Host and the Cloud' (2009-2010) took place in a former museum in Paris; 'Untilled' (2012) was developed during documenta (13); 'After ALife Ahead' (2017) was conceived in a disused ice rink as part of Skulptur Projekte Münster; 'UUmwelt' (2018), which was installed first at the Serpentine Galleries in London, and later at Luma Arles, is the culmination of a ground-breaking approach to exhibitions. A conversation between Hans Ulrich Obrist and an essay by Dorothea von Hantelmann offer a comprehensive discussion of this period. Drawings, diagrams, plans, text and reference images, photographs and film stills add to over 400 pages and make this an important reference book.

28.00 EUR

Andrea Fraser. Collected Interviews 1990-2018

Authors: Andrea Fraser, Rhea Anastas, Alejandro Cesarco (eds.)
Title: Andrea Fraser. Collected Interviews 1990-2018
Publisher: Walther Koenig, Art Resource Transfer (A.R.T. Press)
Subject: Art History, Monographs

The 560 page publication is a substantial archive and a singular point of entry with which to understand Andrea Fraser’s work and reception. The interview format provides intimate insight into Fraser’s self-positioning as a central aspect of her practice. By presenting the artist’s voice as mediated through interlocutors ranging from professional peers to popular media, it uniquely contextualizes Fraser’s practice in the artistic, institutional, and discursive fields in which she intervenes. As Fraser is engaged, challenged, and often misunderstood, from diverse perspectives, readers learn as much about her artistic commitments from the artist’s humor and affect as from her incisive analysis. 

The collection spans three decades, from the early 90s to the present, and is organized chronologically with minimal editing. Its unmediated format allows Fraser’s key ideas and themes to attain deeper resonance through repetitions and subtle differentiations over multiple conversations. Andrea Fraser Collected Interviews 1990-2018 exemplifies the ways in which artistic strategies can question and recast social norms at an individual and institutional level. This collection is a singular resource for all who are concerned with art’s social roles in the broader public sphere.

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eeK 2014-2018

Authors: Robertas Narkus, Nerijus Rimkus (eds.)
Title: eeK 2014-2018. Eksperimentinės inžinerijos stovykla eeKūlgrinda
Publisher: Six Chairs Books 
Subject: Artists' Books

Within the management of circumstances career that the artist Robertas Narkus has created for himself, the role of Eek - a yearly two week break with a daily fluctuating number of artists - has received little attention yet it has played an important role. In fact Kartena, an archetypical Lithuanian village just a few-hours drive from Vilnius, located on the banks of the river Minija, surrounded by hills and lush forests areas, with its one-main-square, one-restaurant, one-shop, one-bus-stop, one-candle-factory and one-cemetary-at-the-edge-of-town was the perfect set to see Narkus’ hazy practice in its clearest form. 

For five consecutive years Eek functioned as a focus point for good food, good drinks, lots of smoking, telling stories, jokes and experiment. Aside from a super fast internet connection, not much more was provided to guests and the bare staging of the surroundings served as a reminder of the artificiality of this group of people being there. The attendees of Eek weren’t asked to create or show any work, they were just asked to show up and spend time together. Yet a potent mixture of pragmatics, time and enthusiasm shared between the attendees instigated that over the course of the days spent there things would start to take shape. And, as the photographs of the several editions of Eek featured in this book allow us to see, what a gathering place Eek was.  - YANA FOQUE

with texts by Auridas Gajauskas, Jokūbas Čižikas, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Yana Foque, Monika Kalinauskaitė, Žygimantas Kudirka and with thanks to everyone who joined the roads. 

SPOILER ! The book is in Lithuanian! 

10.00 EUR

Witkacy. Plėšrūniškas protas

Authors: Janusz Degler, Przamysław Pawlak, Helmutas Šabasevičius (eds.)
Title: Witkacy. Plėšrūniškas protas
Publisher: Aukso žuvys
Subject: Monographs, Art History, Artists' Writings

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz-Witkacy (1885–1939) – ypatinga lenkų modernizmo ir avangardo asmenybė, ryškus ir įvairiapusis menininkas: dailininkas, fotografas, dramaturgas, filosofas, rašytojas, meno teoretikas, žmogus, mąstęs, kūręs ir gyvenęs nešabloniškai. Witkacy buvo Zakopanės bohemos žvaigždė, tačiau taip pat ir nepaprastai darbštus kūrėjas, vengęs nuobodulio ir nuspėjamumo spąstų, skeptiškai vertinęs ateitį ir pasirinkęs joje nedalyvauti.

Knygoje pirmą kartą pristatoma šio lietuviškų šaknų turinčio menininko kūryba– literatūros kūriniai, tapyba, fotografija, kiti darbai – bei ją komentuojantys lenkų ir lietuvių tyrinėtojų tekstai.

SPOILER! The book is in Lithuanian only! 

24.00 EUR

Re-Printed Matter

Author: Karel Martens
Title: Re-Printed Matter
Publisher: Roma Publications
Subject: Graphic Design, Artists' Books, Monographs

The work of Karel Martens occupies an intriguing place in the present European art-and-design landscape. Martens can be placed in the tradition of Dutch modernism, in the line of figures such as Piet Zwart, H.N. Werkman, Willem Sandberg. Yet he maintains some distance from the main developments of this time: from both the practices of routinized modernism and of the facile reactions against this. His work is both personal and experimental. At the same time, it is publicly answerable. Over the decades of his practice, Martens has been prolific as a designer of books. He has also made contributions in a wide range of design commissions: including stamps, coins, signs on buildings. Also a renowned teacher of graphic design, Karel Martens is co-initiator of the Werkplaats Typografie, a two-year master’s design programme related to ArtEZ, Arnhem, and guest professor at Yale University, New Haven. Intimately connected with this design work has been his practice as an artist. This started with geometric and kinetic constructions, and developed in work with the very material of paper. Over a long period he has been making monoprints.

This book looks for new ways to show and discuss the work of a designer and artist, and is offered in the same spirit of experiment and dialogue that characterizes the work it presents. 

35.00 EUR

Grace Crowley

Author: Riet Wijnen (ed.)
Title: Grace Crowley
Publisher: Kunstverein Amsterdam
Subject: Artists' Writings, Essays & Non-fiction

Grace Crowley is a publication based on letters sent to the Australian artist and pioneer of modernist painting Grace Crowley (1890–1979) by friends, family and colleagues. Parts of those letters, which are now housed in the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the State Library of New South Wales archives in Sydney, were transcribed and categorized by Wijnen in subsections such as ‘Marital Status’, ‘Teaching’, ‘Hosting’, ‘Eurasia’, ‘X’, ‘Being A Woman’, ‘War’, ‘$’, and ‘Making Work’. The result is an alternative biography constructed solely through a living set of relations.

20.00 EUR

Trial and Error

Author: Reinis Lismanis
Title: Trial and Error
Publisher: Skinnerboox
Subject: Photography, Monographs

Trial and Error is an accumulation of artworks, photographs, videos and installations that Reinis Lismanis has made over a period of six years. 

Lismanis has been exploring photographic production and the traditional systems that lie behind the scenes of its processes and methods. In a self-reflective manner, his work both acknowledges and challenges the conventional structures of image making, exhibition display systems and artistic production in general. This publication is a comprehensive overview of the artist’s recent practice, in a non-hierarchical way mixing snapshots from his studio and trips to various cities around the world with documentation of exhibitions the artist has recently held.

'I have found photography, in its classical mode of being, to be an extremely fertile ground to stand on, albeit a limiting one as well. As part of my explorations, looking at the intrinsic elements of production – be they technological, social, economical – is often the point of departure, and everything is as important as everything else,' Lismanis states.

w/ texts by Christos Hadjioannou, Reinis Lismanis, Paulius Petraitis and Ilaria Speri

28.00 EUR

Sisters Alike

Author: Lene Markusen
Title: Sisters Alike. Female Identities in the Post-Utopian
Publisher: Spector Books
Subject: Monographs, Artists' Books

Lene Markusen first visited St. Petersburg in 1993. With only a very rudimentary knowledge of Russian, she made drawings of the women she observed in the urban environment. Both of her films GRAD (2004) and Sankt – Female Identities in the Post-Utopian (2017) are set in St. Petersburg (Sankt Petersburg in Russian) or the former LeninGRAD. They revolve around a female perspective on the post-socialist transformation and the societal and political changes that took place after the fall of the Iron Curtain. They deal with what these upheavals mean for the lives of individual women. Through drawings, film stills, and excerpts from the film scripts Lene Markusen offers a subjective, temporal narrative, delineating the living conditions, contemporary and historical figures of women, and the construction of female identities in relation to the former so-called 'East' and 'West”.

26.00 EUR

BIRTH V - Hi and Bye

Authors: Kris Lemsalu; Maria Arusoo (ed.)
Title: BIRTH V - Hi and Bye
Publisher: Mousse Publishing, Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

The work of Kris Lemsalu is pagan and it’s punk and it’s hers and it’s ours. . . . It’s the lightning of heaven and the volcanic heat in the abyssal ocean. It’s the carnival of objects Frankensteined together into concoctions as fragile as life itself. It’s life.–Andrew Berardini

Kris Lemsalu is an Estonian-born artist who creates mixed-media sculptures, installations, and performances utilizing unexpected materials. Often underscored by feminist themes, her works evoke the bestial side of humanity and civilizations. This book offers a peek into Lemsalu’s explorations in art and life, which in her case are inseparable. The rich visual material, selected by the artist herself, ranges from exhibition views; to analog photos of the artist, her friends, and her collaborators; to her everyday work at the studio; to the wild parties she attends. Essays by Los Angeles–based writer Andrew Berardini and Estonian curator and writer Tamara Luuk overview Lemsalu’s oeuvre with a particular focus on BIRTH V: Hi and Bye, her biggest project yet, which was co-published by Mousse Publishing and the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art and produced for the Estonian Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019.

22.00 EUR

Children’s Games

Authors: Cuauhtmoc Medina, David MacDougall, Francis Alys, Jaap Guldemond, Marente Bloemheuvel (eds.)
Title: Francis Alys: Children's Games
Publisher: Eye Filmmuseum & Nai010 publishers
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Monographs

Francis Alys has documented children at play all over the world, from kids playing knucklebones in Nepal to musical chairs in Mexico or flying kites in Afghanistan. He filmed in peaceful towns and villages, but also against the backdrop of conflict and tension, such as at a Yezidi refugee camp in Iraq or in besieged Kabul. This book shows the ways children everywhere pass the time and create their own fantasies in games and leisure, whether skipping stones, sandcastles, marbles, or hopscotch. The project is presented here as a series for the first time, with contributions by journalist Lorna Scott Fox, filmmaker David MacDougall, and art critic and curator Cuauhtemoc Medina.

21.00 EUR

Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty

Author: Dan Graham
Title: Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty
Publisher: Koenig Books
Subject: Monographs, DVDs, Artists' Books

Continuing the artist’s cultural analysis of the ’60s, this is a satiric entertainment which began with Graham’s 1981 video, Rock My Religion, dealing with the evolution of youth culture during the ’50s, ’60s, and after. Don’t Trust… is set in the late ’60s to early ’70s period when the ‘hippie’ tribes moved their ‘counter culture’ to settlements to the bucolic ‘wilderness’ of the countryside. The work as Graham originally conceived it was meant to be staged as a puppet show, like The Muppets, for entertainment of former hippie fathers or grandfathers to see as a historical recreation by their children or grandchildren.

This is an artist book with an accompanying DVD of the film, Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty.

25.00 EUR

Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices / Prohibited Imports

Authors: Maria Eichhorn, Scott Watson (ed.)
Title: Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices / Prohibited Imports
Publisher: Walther Koenig
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

This book tracks two ongoing projects by German installation artist Maria Eichhorn (born 1962), both of which explore the representation of sexual imagery. Prohibited Imports now consists of four books that were censored by Japanese customs; Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices currently comprises 20 films.

The essays by Nina Power, Nora M. Alter, Pamela M Lee, and Scott Watson engage the critical dimension of these compelling works.

30.00 EUR

The Making of Husbands. Christina Ramberg in Dialogue

Authors: Christina Ramberg, Anna Gritz (ed.)
Title: The Making of Husbands. Christina Ramberg in Dialogue
Publisher: Walther Koenig, KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

Christina Ramberg was one of the most intriguing painters to emerge within a generation of Chicago Imagists. She left a significant body of comic, formally elegant, erotically sinister paintings. Her understanding of the body as an environment that is closely intertwined with its surrounding, shaped by corsets, hairdos as well as behavioural conventions was central to the exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin) in 2019 – in connection to which this book was published – proposing an analysis of conduct based on her approach as something constructed by the structures that externally and internally determine our existence.

This clothbound book contains a representative selection of Ramberg’s paintings and drawings and places them in dialogue with the work of fellow artists such as Alexandra Bircken, Sara Deraedt, Gaylen Gerber, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Konrad Klapheck, Ghislaine Leung, Hans-Christian Lotz, Senga Nengudi, Ana Pellicer, Richard Rezac, Diane Simpson, Terre Thaemlitz and Kathleen White.

The book also comprises texts by Dodie Bellamy, Kathrin Bentele, Jen George, Larne Abse Gogarty, Judith Russi Kirshner, Leon Kruijswijk.

30.00 EUR

Between the Sum and the Parts

Authors: Lydia Cabrera; Karen Marta, Gabriela Ranger (eds.)
Title: Between the Sum and the Parts
Publisher: Walther Koenig, Americas Society
Subject: Literature & Poetry, Monographs

Ever the trickster, Lydia Cabrera blurred the lines between historian and storyteller, reality and fiction. Finding their initial audience in the avant-garde milieu of interwar Paris, Cabrera's stories influenced by Afro-Cuban myths and folktales continue to delight and inspire generations of artists, writers, and scholars. When the rise of fascism forced Cabrera's return to her native Cuba, she devoted her life to the preservation of Afro-Cuban cultures, work that culminated in her scholarly masterpiece, El Monte, in which the voices and rituals of the dead animate Cuba's wilderness. The first English volume dedicated to her life and work, this publication introduces her substantial legacy to a new audience.

Texts by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Gabriela Rangel, Asad Raza, and Christopher Winks, with a facsmile of a story illustrated by Alexandra Exter.

24.00 EUR

Sol LeWitt: Folds and Rips 1966-1980

Author: Sol Lewitt, Dieter Schwartz (ed.)
Title: Sol LeWitt: Folds and Rips 1966-1980
Publisher: Walther Koenig
Subject: Monographs, Exhibition Catalogue

In 1966, Sol LeWitt conceived a new type of work, ‘drawings without drawing’, replacing traditional drawing by using various ways of folding paper.

In 1969, he started to regularly produce what he called Folds, first as gifts to friends, but then as works to be distributed by his dealers. In 1971 he added the Rips, drawings made of ripped paper. LeWitt went from ripping papers of various sizes and colours in different ways, to working with city maps, air view photos of Florence, Manhattan and Chicago from which he removed areas.The systematic approach on which LeWitt’s work is based, was also applied to the Folds and Rips, and so they most often were created in series.

The book presents these works for the first time, with a historical essay by influential Swiss curator Dieter Schwarz, and a complete catalogue of the Folds and the Rips.

40.00 EUR

Georgia Sagri

Authors:  Christina Lehnert, Philippe Pirotte (eds.)
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Exhibition Catalogue, Monographs

As her first comprehensive publication, this catalogue surveys the multi-facetted oeuvre of the Greek artist Georgia Sagri. As the title of this book suggests, the staged objects Sagri produces are doubled modules, where each I or self can be 'cross-eyed.' This effect, often produced theatrically, reorders the collective gaze to be subverted through a 'catastrophe of emotions.' Across performance, video work, and sculpture, Sagri navigates the murky relationships between the artist’s body and her body of work, subjectivity and persona, original and reproduction with equal parts humor and severity.

Collected in this catalogue is both current documentation of Sagri’s work and rich archival material since 1999; together they are juxtaposed against essays by Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Daniel Horn, Ruba Katrib, Christina Lehnert, Diego Singh and Stephen Squibb, an interview conducted with Silvia Federici, and a conversation between the artist, Bettina Funcke, and John Kelsey.

A founding organizer of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Georgia Sagri’s social activism (alongside her artistic activities) dates back to 1997, when she was a member of the Void Network in Athens. Sagri has organized the perambulatory curatorial project Saloon and the audio-only magazine Forte since 2009. In 2013 she initiated the semi-public and semi-personal space Ύλη[matter]HYLE in Athens, with the mission to develop a new model for the contemporary work-life structure. She has exhibited and participated in documenta 14 (2017), Manifesta 11 (2016), Istanbul Biennial (2015), La biennale de Lyon (2013), Whitney Biennial (2012), Thessaloniki Biennale (2011), and the Athens Biennale (2007).

24.00 EUR

Ellen Cantor. A history of the world as it become known to me

Authors: Lia Gangitano, Fatima Hellberg, Jamie Stevens (eds.)
Title: Ellen Cantor. A history of the world as it become known to me.
Publisher: Sternberg Press, Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, Participant Inc., CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
Subject: Monographs, Artists' Writings

Contributions by Dodie Bellamy, Jonathan Berger, John Brattin, Ellen Cantor, Lia Gangitano, Cy Gavin, Joseph Grigely, Clara Lopez Menendez, John Maybury

Ellen Cantor (1961–2013) combined ready-made materials with diaristic notes and drawings to probe her perceptions and experiences of personal desire and institutional violence. This book is concerned with, and a document of, Cantor’s work through the lens of Pinochet Porn (2008–16) and its making—an epic experimental film embodying and radically extending her multifaceted artistic practice. Taking the form of an episodic narrative about five children growing up under the regime of General Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and shot between her dual hometowns of London and New York, history is observed through Cantor’s fictive speculations on private experience within a totalizing political order. A history of the world as it has become known to me brings together writings and archival materials of Cantor’s, including a reproduction in full of her drawing-based script Circus Lives from Hell (2004), alongside contributions by writers, artists, collaborators, and friends reflecting on Cantor’s practice, Pinochet Porn, and a singularly transgressive vision: explicitly feminist, remorselessly emotional, dramatic in tone, and, as Cantor herself liked to put it, adult in subject matter.

26.00 EUR

The Long Road to Xico

Author: Pedro de Llano (ed.)
Title: The Long Road to Xico / El Largo Camino a Xico. Maria Thereza Alves 1991-2015
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Monographs, Catalogues

The Long Road to Xico, 1991–2015 is the first monograph of Brazilian artist Maria Thereza Alves, and the outcome of her solo show at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo in Seville in 2015. It gathers more than twenty projects realized between 1991 and 2015, including rarely viewed early works that help us see her most recent production from a new perspective. This publication also collects a selection of Alves’s writings and contextualizes her work in the political and cultural debates from the 1980s, when she became an activist—in the United States and Brazil—and an early participant in discourses around 'postcolonialism' and 'ecology'. Together with these materials, the book contains essays by the editor, Pedro de Llano, and T. J. Demos, professor of art and visual culture at the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

20.00 EUR

Vitas Luckus. Biography

Authors: Margarita Matulytė, Tatjana Luckienė-Aldag (eds.)
Title: Vitas Luckus. Biography
Publisher:Lithuanian Art Museum, Kaunas Photography Gallery
Subject: Photography, Art History, Monographs

'History is always written by the winners. The same applies to the history of photography. Without such a powerful tool as information sharing and communication through museums, galleries, the media and various publications, we would never have heard of such artists as Avedon, Newton, Cartier-Bresson, Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin. But the artists who lived behind an iron curtain, never had an access to these powerful tools. Thus, this book brings Vitas Luckus back to the history of world photography into which, despite his exceptional talent he was not able to get in because of the political system of the time.' -  K. Candrowicz

Vitas Luckus (1943-1987) is one of the most significant Lithuanian photography artists of the second half of the 20th century. In his work Luckus bridged tradition and the avant-garde, modernism and postmodernism. Along with Antanas Sutkus, Aleksandras Macijauskas, Romualdas Rakauskas, Algimantas Kunčius, and other peers Luckus founded the base for the Lithuanian photography school. In original expression he greatly expanded the boundaries of the prevailing aesthetics in photography. Luckus worked both in artistic and applied photography: he was one of the most innovative creators of fashion and advertising photography.

17.00 EUR

We Are in Open Circuits: Writings by Nam June Paik

Authors: Nam June Paik; John G. Hanhardt, Gregory Zinman, Edith Decker-Phillips (eds.)
Title: We Are in Open Circuits: Writings by Nam June Paik
Publisher: MIT Press
Subject: Art History, Artists' Writings, Monographs

Nam June Paik (1932–2006) is a pivotal figure in the history of modern art. Arguably the most important video artist of all time, and certainly among the most influential and prolific, Paik was a legendary innovator who transformed the electronic moving image into an artist's medium. He wrote incessantly—corresponding with friends, composing performance scores, making production notes for television projects, drafting plans for video installations, writing essays and articles. Celebrated for his visionary development of new artistic tools and for his pioneering work in video and television, Paik often wrote to sharpen his thinking and hone his ideas. He used the typewriter to fashion sentences that broke apart and reassembled themselves as he wrote, producing both poetic texts and aesthetic objects on the page. This first extensive collection of Paik's writings includes many previously unpublished and out-of-print texts. 

Drawing on materials from the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Nam June Paik Archive and from a range of international publications, We Are in Open Circuits offers important but long-unavailable essays, including 'Global Groove and Video Common Market'; unpublished writings on such topics as his creative partnership with the cellist Charlotte Moorman and the role of public television; a substantial part of his compilation 'Scrutable Chinese'; and detailed plans for some of his groundbreaking broadcast works, including the trio Good Morning, Mr. Orwell (1984), Bye Bye Kipling (1986), and Wrap Around the World (1988). It also includes nearly 150 pages that reproduce Paik's original typed and handwritten pages, letting readers see his writing in various stages of inspiration and execution.

44.00 EUR

Shadow Citizens

Authors: Želimir Žilnik; What, How & For Whom (eds.)
Title: Shadow Citizens
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Subject: Monographs, Film

*billingual (English, German)

Shadow Citizens offers an insight into the radical film praxis and extensive oeuvre of filmmaker Želimir Žilnik (b. 1942, based in Novi Sad, Serbia) within the context of this publication. From his beginnings in the lively amateur film scene of Yugoslavia in the 1960s, Žilnik has gone on to make more than fifty films, including a number of feature films and TV productions, often in the genre of docudrama. He received international recognition early on, winning the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 1969 Berlin International Film Festival for Early Works. In the 1970s his films encountered political opposition, and he left Yugoslavia for West Germany, where he realized several independent films, including some of the earliest films dealing with the topic of guest workers. In the 1980s, after leaving Germany—due to his films once again facing political opposition and censorship—and returning to Yugoslavia, he made numerous TV and feature films through which he portrayed early symptoms of the country’s growing social conflicts, continuing in the 1990s with films dealing with the maladies of the post-socialist transition as well as questions of migration.

The notion of shadow citizens, conceived as different minorities that are increasingly becoming majorities everywhere, runs through Žilnik’s oeuvre, where it is taken up as a possibility to imagine a new concept of citizenship that pushes current limits and borders.

Texts by Boris Buden, Ana Janevski, Dijana Jelača, Greg de Cuir Jr., Edit Molnar, Bert Rebhandl, Marcel Schwiern, WHW, Želimir Žilnik

28.00 EUR

Janek Simon. Synthetic Folklore

Authors: Janek Simon; Joanna Warsza (ed.)
Title: Synthetic Folklore
Publisher: Sternberg Press, Ujazdowski Castle Center For Contemporary Art
Subject: Monographs

Janek Simon is not only an artist and occasional curator, he is also an anarchist, programmer, craftsman, intellectual, social organizer, traveler, and former junior champion of the card game bridge. He likes to say that he is interested in too many things, from globalization, political geography, artificial intelligence, digital materialism, algorithmic governance, financial speculation, and DIY strategies, to postcolonial theories within eastern Europe and Gombrowicz-like dilemmas on what Polish identity actually is. Simon’s work captivates both visually and intellectually and is driven by constant curiosity, erudition, and the quest for what he calls 'synthetic folklore'—the question of how to cherish what is particular while constructing a planetary value system with the use of new technologies. This book, on the last fifteen years of his work, is published in conjunction with Simon’s eponymous exhibition, curated by Joanna Warsza, at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, in 2019.

w/ contributions by Inke Arnis, Max Gegielski, Ekaterina Degot, Lukasz Gorczyca, Nav Haq, Virginija Januškevičiūtė, Nina Katchadourian, Joanna Kordjak, Pablo Larios, Malgorzata Ludwisiak, Lev Manovich, Daniel Muzyczuk, Sina Najafi, Lech Nowicki, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Agnieszka Polska, Aleksandra Przegalinska, Mohammad Salemy, Sumesh Sharma, Janek Simon, Jan Sowa, Joanna Warsza

26.00 EUR

John Baldesari

Authors: John Baldessari; Matilda Olof-Ors (eds.)
Title: John Baldessari
Publisher: Walther Koenig
Subject: Artists' Writings, Art History, Monographs

Over the course of his 50-year career, John Baldessari never stopped exploring the seemingly infinite ways that words and images can be manipulated to create new layers of narrative meaning in art. Initially a more traditional painter, in the 1960s Baldessari found himself drawn to a combination of text and photography as the most effective vehicles for his creative intentions. Many of Baldessari’s pieces directly address the viewer with hand-painted questions about the nature of art: in What Is Painting (1966-68), Baldessari asks through the canvas, 'Do you sense how all the parts of a good picture are involved with each other, not just placed side by side' This piece in particular seems to summarize Baldessari’s focus on the recontextualization of familiar images that would define his artistic practice for years to come.

Alongside reproductions of select work, this publication features a wide selection of Baldessari’s own writings from 1968 to 2011, providing further insight into the myriad critical ideas already conveyed in the artist’s work. [publisher's note]

w/ texts by John Baldessari, Ann-Sofi Noring, Gitte Ørskou

25.00 EUR

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